NTL Cable Broadband connected by ethernet

  mgmcc 23:29 31 Oct 2005

Can anyone tell me whether, when connecting to NTL's cable modem by ethernet, it is still necessary to register the network adapter's MAC address with NTL before being able to get online?

I know that Telewest dropped this requirement and now authenticate using the Cable Modem's MAC address instead.

  mgmcc 23:41 31 Oct 2005

Thanks, the link suggests that there is registration that could involve the MAC address. That being the case, a router would probably have to "clone" the MAC address of the network adapter used during the original registration.

  mgmcc 12:52 01 Nov 2005

<<< Let us know how you get along, please >>>

The question was academic for technical support purposes. My own connection is with Telewest.

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