NTL Broadband and Xbox Live?

  darkster 19:50 11 Jun 2003

Hi all, I know that this isn't strictly a PC question but has anyone on 600k NTL Broadband (£24.99 per month) been able to use Xbox Live without having to pay the extra £5.00 (Bloody Rip-Off!!!!!!!) Apparently, NTL say the extra fiver is for allocating a different IP for Xbox Live - I think this is wrong and just wanted to know if you could get around this.
Thanks in advance

  PSF 19:55 11 Jun 2003

Don't worry about using the NTL service my son connects his Xbox via my router. I plugged it in to the router, put the live disc in switched on and then registered, the longest part was using the controller to enter details.

  PSF 19:57 11 Jun 2003

ps click here this is the one I use.

With a router you do not need to have the pc switched on to use the Xbox.

  darkster 17:39 12 Jun 2003

Thanks a lot PSF, very much appreciated.

  PSF 22:13 13 Jun 2003

click here

Have a look at the Xbox Live site for more info on using Routers.

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