NTL Broadband and Wireless Router

  [DELETED] 20:25 16 Mar 2006

I have NTL Broadband (using the set to box)and a netgear wireless router. I connected the broadband ethernet plug directly to my laptop and it went to an NTL registration page to register the laptop with the set top box. That completed I could then get on line. Next I connected the NTL ethernet plug to the router and the router to the laptop and nothing!! The router lights tell me there is no internet connection. I'm guessing the router needs to be registered with the set top box but how? NTL say to speak to netgear and vice versa so no help there. Any help gratefully received.

  howard63 21:31 16 Mar 2006

I believe with this type of router it needs an rj45 connection from the pc to make it work not a connection from the set top box. So connect set top box to laptop or pc then with a second rj45 take a patch cable to the router from the laptop or pc. You should then be able to connect other pcs to the router and get them to connect. I used to be with ntl [glad to have moved out of their area] and this was the only way I could get other pcs to connect you will also need to have internet connection sharing enabled on the pc connected to the set top box. This is a main difference between cable modems and adsl.

  [DELETED] 00:29 17 Mar 2006

Hasn't the laptop got wireless connection anyway?
OK if its a bit older it may not have but for the sake of less than £20 get a wireless card . Much easier .


  [DELETED] 10:52 17 Mar 2006

Have you tried 'power cycling'?

That is to say, turn off the STB, router and PC and then turn on the STB, about 1min later turn on the router and then 1 min after that turn on the PC. The STB may be 'seeing' the router as a different PC and so will need to assign a new IP address.

  [DELETED] 16:32 17 Mar 2006

Thanks. tried all these suggestions. The power cycling doesn't seem to work. I'm sure the STB is seeing the router as a different PC but is not assigning an IP address. When you plug a different PC directly to the STB it goes to an NTL page that allows you to register the PC with the STB. As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be a way of registering the router to the STB and it's not automatic apparently.

  woodchip 16:37 17 Mar 2006

Have you been into the setup page for the Netgear router

  woodchip 16:38 17 Mar 2006

PS yoou'l not get anything from it until you do. You should enter NTL details in it

  [DELETED] 16:44 17 Mar 2006

Yep done that and it seems to be working in that I can get wireless access to the internet now but the router still has a flashing orange light instead of the green it's supposed to be. Very odd but I guess if it works perhaps I should leave it alone. Thanks for all your help.

  woodchip 18:20 17 Mar 2006

Did you turn the router off after seting iot up then back on

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