ntl broadband problem!!

  paul-227779 23:36 02 Aug 2003

from time to time my broadband goes off ie every 10 mins (anoying!!). when i use the test option on cconnect it says gataway to slow can anyne explain??? also is it worth me getting a 10-100 pci card will this cure the problem.. cheers if you can sort this out..

  jazzypop 00:59 03 Aug 2003

What is your current network card?

If it is an old ISA card, or a USB lead, then I would strongly advise a PCI Ethernet card.

Finally, ask NTL to check the signal strength - they can often boost it over the phone, or send an engineer to check the street wiring.

  SEASHANTY 11:14 03 Aug 2003

There have been many reports previously on this PCA forum that NTL CorrectConnect is the cause of many BB problems. The NTL engineer who installed this standalone 600k BB modem used the PC 10/100 ethernet card for connection saying it was easier to connect with this card rather USB. CorrectConnect is NOT installed on this installation and I have had no problems with the connection since installation ten months ago.

  StellaArtois63 14:25 03 Aug 2003

I had problems with my NTL cutting off. I called them around and apparently I was recieving a weak signal which they have tweaked and it is now running fine.

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