NTL Broadband - Manual Setup?

  User-DC593ADF-8DFC-41A0-B9DA42213177CA53 22:09 03 Jun 2003

I'm planning to move up to NTL Broadband in the next few weeks from their dial-up service,
(free install & first month free).

I've already got a 4 PC home network running, and have a Linksys BEFSR41 router on order which will replace my existing cheapie 10BaseT hub.

I don't want the NTL Engineer 'messing' with my setup and installing software that perhaps I don't really need (like gearbox for dial-up).

So ...

1. is it a fairly straightforward procedure to manually set up?

2. can I swap the new router for my old hub in advance, leaving the final broadband connection to when NTL do the install?

Three of the Pc's run win98, my main PC still runs Win95.

Thanks in advance.


  Valvegrid 22:27 03 Jun 2003

I can only answer your first question, at that is yes, it is easy to set up manually. I have had to do it on a number of occasions when my system has keeled over and had to reinstall everything again.

Not sure about question 2, sorry.


  broggs 22:28 03 Jun 2003

check the site to see if win 95/98 are supported by ntl.
Its very easy to install on your own all you ned is your welcome letter with your P.I.D. on.Ring customer services and they will give it to you if you haven't got it.

  britto 23:22 03 Jun 2003

The man from NTL only setup cable modem and left cd for me to connect to computer.I found it simpler to setup broadband on main computer via ethernet cable first(to make sure of connection) using cd brodband installer, it uses a program called correct connect to check every things ok when up and running this can be uninstalled or disabled later if you want.Have user name,pin,and email address handy. With the BEFSR41 router use the cd and instructions that comes with it again its fairly simple,but you configure pc's to router, then router to modem so maybe best to wait till you have broadband installed before setting up new router.On the NTL page system requirements say 98 onwards so check this out first, click here. The router supports 95 on.

  jeez 00:25 04 Jun 2003

If using ethernet you don't need the cd. All you do is plug the modem into your ethernet port and that's it! really it's that simple. (you have to set up your e-mail manually, but that's childsplay)

  jazzypop 00:50 04 Jun 2003

As others have said, it should be easy.

I would recommend that you set up / connect one PC to the router first, and get that set up as you need (make sure to change the default username and password).

Once your broadband is installed, connect your router to your modem / set-top box, and use the PC connected to the router to make the initial connection to NTL, and registration process.

If your router has the option, set it to 'spoof' the MAC address of your PC - this will avoid problems later, as NTL will believe that the router is the 'permitted PC', and you will be able to connect via all 4 PCs separately and without problems.

Finally, connect each of the other 3 PCs to the router, and make sure that they can connect to the router. Provided all PCs are using the LAN option in Internet Options > Connections, and you have disabled any dialup accounts, all will go well.

Just in case, make a note of this site - click here - and make sure that at least one PC can access it while you are setting up. I doubt if you will need it, but this guy knows just about everything about NTL broadband.

Thanks to everyone for the advice / links.

I've printed some useful info from these and also, the router arrived today and the set up instructions seem pretty clear & straight forward.

Thanks again.


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