NTL broadband and lap top problems

  1933 11:08 16 Apr 2006

Trying to set up a WiFi router to NTL Set Top box the power light on the Netgear router is 'on', the wireless signal light is on but the Internet light stays 'orange' ie not connected. Removed the router and reconnected the Ethernet cable and got back on line. Has anyone used Netgear router with NTL BB and got it working? Or is there a better router for NTL? Thanks DG

  johnnyrocker 11:10 16 Apr 2006

have you set your router up?


  1933 11:50 16 Apr 2006

As far as we know yes Johnny. One message that came up was trying to find IP address. But at that time there was no Internet connection.

  mgmcc 15:17 16 Apr 2006

Did you power off the set-top box for a couple of minutes to allow it to release the existing connection, so that when rebooted it will recognise there is a new device connected to it and allocate a new IP address?

  1933 08:51 17 Apr 2006

Thanks for all the help. One thing that has crossed my mind is that I am trying to set up this sysytem with ONLY a laptop - there is no other PC on the system. Would this change the situation? DG

  mgmcc 12:21 17 Apr 2006

It doesn't matter whether you have one computer or several connected to the router, the basic setup procedure is the same. The point I made previously about powering of the modem (set-top box) is *essential*, otherwise the connection of a new device won't be recognised, it won't get a new IP address and you won't have internet access.

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