NTL Broadband - before installation

  daz246 10:33 31 Jan 2003

Hi, I shall be getting NTL Broadband next week and I need some advice on whether there is anything I need to do beforehand. I am changing from BT Openworld Anytime, so will I lose any of my favourites or emails? Do I need to backup anything???

Many thanks

  jazzypop 10:55 31 Jan 2003

It depends to some extent on what your current setup is.

The NTL CD will install IE5.5 and OE6 (unless you already have IE6), so you may notice some subtle differences in these programs. The one thing that catches most people out is that the new version of OE is set to automatically block attachments that could contain viruses - these is easily changed by going to Tools > Options > Security.

Your favourites should not change. You will not be able to send or receive from your BT account, as they will close your account when you stop paying them money.

I presume that you are making regular backups of your data anyway, but it is always sensible to make a backup of your important data before carrying out this sort of installation.

Your Favourites are stored in an ordinary folder called ..... Favourites. Just make a backup copy of this onto floppy or CD.

If you open Outlook (or Outlook Express, whichever you use), go to File > Export, you will be able to make a backup of all your mail, contacts, appointments, rules etc.

On a more practical note, make sure the engineers have got a clear path to run the cables through the house, and can actually get at your PC. Make sure there is plenty of tea and biscuits available. They are invariably quick, tidy and professional.

  pj123 12:31 31 Jan 2003

I changed from AOL dial up to NTL BB on 23/01/03.
the CD from NTL asked whether I wanted to import my favourites and email addresses. I clicked YES. but it didn't. fortunately, I still have AOL on at the moment so I had to print them out and am now in the process of retyping them all in.

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