NTL Broadband, has it slowed up tonight?

  anniesboy68 21:22 06 Jun 2003

Difficulty in connecting to OE tonight, anyone else aswell???

  hugh-265156 21:26 06 Jun 2003

yes mines a bit slow a checking the mail at the moment.

it is friday though

  Pauper 21:33 06 Jun 2003

"ntl Home - All Packages - Mail Service
ntl:Home Internet customers using the ntlworld mail service may be experiencing problems accessing the service, this is because of a technical fault. Our engineers are aware of this issue and working on a resolution.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

Courtesy of NTL's homepage

  hugh-265156 21:38 06 Jun 2003

was that not dated 2nd june?

server stats ok here.

latest was dated 5th june relating to contacting tech support.

  Pauper 22:00 06 Jun 2003

huggyg71, it's still not signed off as resolved which probably means it is still ongoing.

  hugh-265156 22:01 06 Jun 2003

Fri, 6 Jun 2003 20:57:22 UTC
1st 128K took 1797 ms = 72939 Bytes/sec = approx 607 kbits/sec
2nd 128K took 1922 ms = 68196 Bytes/sec = approx 567 kbits/sec
3rd 128K took 1735 ms = 75546 Bytes/sec = approx 629 kbits/sec
4th 128K took 1796 ms = 72980 Bytes/sec = approx 607 kbits/sec

normal here as above

  hugh-265156 23:55 06 Jun 2003

ntl have a £14.99 128k service thats quite good.

  hugh-265156 02:32 07 Jun 2003

no matter who you go with there will always be those that have problems and those that dont.

i have only ever been without my email for at the most 2-3 hours and that has happened about three times in 10 months.

i have only rang customer support once and got through in under four rings and problem solved in less than a min.

others will not have been so lucky.

i think ntl gives great service.others might have a different story to tell.

same everywhere.

  Legolas 12:14 07 Jun 2003

It would appear to have a problem today as well. I cant send email.

  anniesboy68 17:44 07 Jun 2003

NTLs home page [check server status] in respect of e mails has still not been resolved and now its Saturday evening nigh on. Have they forgotton it??????????

  Legolas 17:55 07 Jun 2003

email working like lightening both sending and receiving, but it seems to be very unreliable lately

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