NTL Broadband fights AOL Dial up

  JONWILL 12:18 26 Mar 2006

Finally going broadband after years with AOL as dial up I've signed up with NTL cable. Since loading the NTL software my laptop is seriously fouling up. Clearing temporary files sorts the problem but have to do this every 30 mins or so as the files just keep building and building.
I'm still using the AOL account on the same machine hopefully to give me a period during which i can advise friends and others of my new email address.
My frustration is leading me to believe that I bwould have been better off staying with AOL and should quit NTL as soon as possible.
Is there anything I can do to improve this situation. Thanks to anyone that can help!

  g0slp 13:05 26 Mar 2006

It's a long time since I escaped from AOL to NTL, but what I think you should do is uninstall AOL from your laptop. (Use Add/Remove facility in Control Panel). You can still access email from your AOL account by going to click here via your browser & logging in using your existing AOL ID & Password.

Hope this helps.

  WallyD 13:12 26 Mar 2006

Been on NTL broadband for ages and NO hassle
Would also agree with gosip suggestion
I also found NTL Broadband operator very helpfull when I cocked up when first changing over
Good luck

  pj123 14:27 26 Mar 2006

I have NTL BB and AOL dialup on this PC. Don't have any problems. In fact I found that AOL doesn't use the analogue modem to dial out. It seems to piggyback on the NTL BB connection so it is instant access. My contract with AOL runs out in May so I will be cancelling it anyway.

  octal 17:49 26 Mar 2006

If the Internet is working, uninstall the NTL software, you don't need it. I can't install the software on my machine because I don't use Windows and when my connection was upgraded I had to re-activate the account again, when I clicked on the connection it took me straight to the registration page were I entered all my details I originally used and registered, no problems.

  Legolas 18:04 26 Mar 2006

I agree with octal you do not need all the NTL software to connect the only time I used it was when I first got NTL a few years ago but after that if I has to format my hd I found my connection worked ok without having to load the NTL software.

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