ntl broadband - beware

  conrail 15:13 03 Feb 2003

I am writing to warn ntl broadband users, In august I changed from their £5 per month to broadband, changeover went smooth, no problems at all, since then I have had to fight to get money from them, they disconnected my 2nd telephone line but still charge me until recently and I am still waiting for them to reimburse me for the £5 a month which they kept taking, they said the would cancel the d/d, my fault I know, I thought I had done it, now I find that they have, without warning, cancelled my family's 4 email address created while on the £5 per month, I have spent 50 minutes talking to the technical dept only to be told I have lost those address and the only way to get them back is to subscibe to the 1p per minte option, I will be looking elsewhere when my 12 months is up, I am just warning people who rely on pre b/b email address with nlt to beware, I have lost my default email address so have had to contact everybody to let them know and hope that anything important will be resent, unfortunately I had variouse companies email info to me, I will have to try to remember who they were, trying to find a complains dept is impossible

  instant^mash 15:17 03 Feb 2003

Try talking to the guys + gals

click here


  Scouse 15:23 03 Feb 2003

Converted a few months ago and all is well. Sorry to hear of your probs.

  pj123 17:56 03 Feb 2003

I switched from AOL to NTL BB and part of the setup process said "do you want to import your favourites and address list" I clicked yes, but it didn't. Fortunately, I am still on AOL and printed them out and have now retyped them into NTL.

I haven't been on BB a month yet so will watch my direct debits. thanks for the warning.

  Elrond 19:13 03 Feb 2003

I had my first bill through bout 2-3 weeks ago. Paid it that very day over the phone. Bout 3-4 days ago now i got a letter through saying i hadn't paid it. Foned them straight up and after them checking all the records and then foning me back, they confirmed the payment had gone through. However, they still required me to send in a copy of my Credit Card bill to show i'd paid it and then they would Investigate. Investigate what? they know i've paid yet they still want to investigate whether i paid it or not. I was gutted, as i really was giving them the benefit of the doubt wen i signed up for BB knowing that their admin was a little poor to say the least. I asked the lady i spoke to if this was likely to happen again next month and she said no. We'll see, I just hope it doesn't, I really can do without a letter saying i aint paid every month. Problem is it's under the other halfs name and it may go on her credit rating, which i feel bad about but it's their fault.

  Legolas 19:29 03 Feb 2003

I cancelled NTL BB after the year was up last September solely due to money restrictions and they continued to take the £25 for an extra two months I phoned up and sorted it out and was given credit on my subsequent phone bills till the money they owed me was repaid. I have had four different accounts with NTL over the years and they said I would need to change my e-mail each time but a while ago I discovered that 3 of the 4 are still active and I can still use them.

  wyatt earp 20:52 03 Feb 2003

Same problem with money being taken for line i had asked to be disconnected.
600K broadband installed perfectly also took the option to transfer existing email accounts again with no problem.
The broadband has been very good so far.
Sorry to hear of your probs. It may be worth others who have Ntl products who may be upgrading to insist existing products are cancelled etc. before authorising Ntl to install further products & services.

  flobby 22:56 03 Feb 2003

I have BB but do to money shortages I have dropped down to 128 kbs, and have not noticed any differance in speed as I do not download any very large files. and it is only £14.99 per month.
When i went over to NTL from Lineone(Now Tiscali) I was on ordinary dial up, so I have kept my original Email address's. you just put the POP3 address as Lineone.net or AOL.com or whichever ISP you had previous, and NTLworld as your SMPT address.
Hope this information helps.
Cheers. Colin

  geoff47 23:34 03 Feb 2003

Been on broadband with NTL for 2 weeks installation was on time,got help from the techie people when problems arose registering and configuring the set up...no complaints so far.
Today I got my first bill.....hold up!!!!
Wanted 128...but was advised to go for 600 with free install and a free webcam,and downgrade after a month,"it would save you money sir"
The bill covers more than the first month at £24.99 per month hence £36.28 Under Heading Services...Access & Channels £36.28 Plus wait for it!!!!£50 for other TV services....dont have TV services or phone......
Will keep you updated.

  pj123 14:46 04 Feb 2003

Some good responses here. don't tick this as resolved yet. I haven't had my first bill from switching to NTL BB. will keep you informed.

  spaciousmonti 15:43 04 Feb 2003

Have read all the sbove posts with interest, the main problem here seams to be the fact that like any big company they are trying to make money. The product itself is excellent, look at the competition, not even the big boys at bt can compete, until recently that is, ntl took a bigger bite than they could chew, so many people wanted the service that their admin just couldnt keep up. But, when you buy any product from a big company you gotto keep on top of them, if you have problems contact them until they solve it, if they take money out of your account when you have cancelled with them, cancel the direct debit/cheque whatever. never take anything for granted, they just want your money like everybody else. If you want the service they provide you have to pay thier prices, and if they can get some extra out of you, well, guess what, they will! I have had ntl broadband since it came out, have had many problems, but like all things you gotto go and sort it out, I doubt very much that there is a company of any kind out there will give 100% service all the time.
For instance the business I work in deals with over 40,000 customers over the weekend, 6000 are complaints, not a lot when put next to 40,000 bu there the only ones you here of, just bear that in mind when slating ntl and other companies.

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