NTL Broadband at 750Kbps

  pj123 13:43 14 Nov 2004

A couple of weeks ago I downloaded a file that was 16Mbs using my NTL BB. It took about 7 minutes, which I thought was pretty good. Today I just tried to download another file of 28mbs and it now takes 53 minutes, not so good. My "Transfer Rate" is usually around 80-85kbps. Today it is at 10-12kbps. Is there something wrong with my connection?

  SEASHANTY 14:12 14 Nov 2004

Maybe NTL working on maintenance in your area. Have just downloaded the regular A/V update from V-com.com around 3.5 MB which has taken 58 seconds.
Same NTL 750k Gtr. Manchester. However on one day around ten days ago a similar download took 5 mins.
I'm putting that down to maintenance by NTL - its been Ok since.

  pj123 15:01 14 Nov 2004

Have checked NTL status and there are no outages/maintenance going on in my area Norwich.

  mrdsgs 15:52 14 Nov 2004


and I thought "any broadband" was better than bt broadband. Perhaps your NTL is not all you were making it out to be.

On bt broadand my 1 meg link downloads at about 1 meg per 10 seconds.

perhaps you should consider changing to bt broadband ? !!!!!


  pj123 16:50 14 Nov 2004

mrdsgs, no thanks, I wouldn't go back to BT under any circumstances.

  SEASHANTY 16:56 14 Nov 2004

If it continues I would ask them why. Very little
trouble with NTL in the last 2 years. I wish they would reduce the price of this 750kbps tho' to around £20 which seems to be the average rate these days. I was quite happy with 600 and I certainly don't want 1 MB BB. The latter would only be of use if streaming video or D/L films or music. Something
I am not interested in.

  Rayuk 17:07 14 Nov 2004

In the New Year NTL are changing their download speeds the 300K will be 1Mb the 700 will be 2Mb so you can downgrade to the 1Mb for what £17.99

  SEASHANTY 17:27 14 Nov 2004

Many thanks for that info. I will act accordingly when more info available.

  pj123 17:42 14 Nov 2004

At the moment I have put this down to being Sunday and probably a lot more people logged on.

I am now going to try another download and see how it goes.

  pj123 11:41 15 Nov 2004

Thanks Guys. Looks like it was down to Sunday after all. Just downloaded a 35mb file in under 9 minutes at an average transfer rate of 82KB/Sec.

Sorry about the panic. Hope I didn't waste anyones time posting this thread.

I will tick as resolved.

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