NTL Broadband

  Southernboy 23:16 14 Nov 2006

Having dragged my feet for quite some time, I am getting really fed-up with AOL DialUp, and have come to the conclusion that I need to do something about Broadband. I do not have a BT line.

However, I am told that NTL are different to other ISPs, in that "everything" comes down the cable. They include free AV protection (worth £50 according to them, although I doubt it is) but I have NIS 2006 (Best Buy according to PCA), which cost me around £25.99 from PC World.

My question is, given the different mode of delivery, am I stuck with the NTL AV which I suspect will be McAfee? Having only recently bought NIS, I am reluctant to remove it from my PC. I am very happy with it.

If there are any NTL Broadband users out there, can they tell me if you have no choice but to accept the NTL AV as part of the package?

Further AOL have a reasonable helpline via their "talk to an expert" online facility which is free. I seem to recall hearing that NTL help is neither convenient or free.

Advice welcome.

  Tim1964 23:34 14 Nov 2006

NTL will provide net access via the cable into your house. You can have any AV software you want, use any browser, any email prog etc.

The one advantage of cable BB is that you get the speed you pay for, except in cases of extreme network probs of course. None of this 'up to 8meg' business where you MAY get 2meg.

The 10mbps service gives you just that. It definately isn't the cheapest when compared directly to an ADSL package but the £11/month phone rental has to be added whereas with NTL you don't have to have a phoneline with it.

  Tim1964 23:36 14 Nov 2006

With ref to the AOL helpline bit,

You have access to expert help on here and it's 'free'

  Z1100 00:12 15 Nov 2006

...from home and I run my business on it and my wife works from home for a very large computer and printer company and she also uses the bandwidth. We have had no problems, ever. Not one in the 6 years that we have trusted NTL to provide a service to us. It may even be longer than that.

The best part though is you don't even need to install their software. We never have. We both run XP-Pro and tell it we are always on and 'DHCP' and that is it.

I have heard many horror stories about NTL and I have yet to experience any for myself. Even when I called them about setting up a website on the web space they provide, I got through on the phone within 3 rings and the ‘bloke’ was both knowledgeable and patient.

Considering the amount of traffic we both push and pull on the BB Line I am surprised that NTL don’t call us and tell us to cease as we are choking the line. We happily work by day and surf at night. I am a walking advert for them but I wouldn’t trust just me. I recommend you listen to others too.


  Strawballs 00:39 15 Nov 2006

I use NTL broadband and have a Linksys router with 3 PC's connected 1 wired 1 wireless and a wireless laptop, I too have no complaints in all the years and yes it is not the cheepest but when you read all the threads about some of the others I think it is money well spent.

I have a different AV on each machine 1 is paid for McAfee, 1 is free AVG and 1 is free Avast.
The 1 that NTL supply is called Netguard which I did try on the laptop but went back to AVG.

  birdface 06:50 15 Nov 2006

Like the rest, I have Ntl,I find it overpriced,I think you pay £24.99 for 4mb,If you dont like it ,you are stuck with it for a year,Problems, They are far Quicker helping you with broadband problems, Than with the rest of their services,And are all right if you can understand what they are saying,I found there help through the phone was rather useless,Put up with it for about 3 months,And eventually they sent an engineer out to try and sort it out,Was on my computer for about 10 seconds, Went outside to the connection box, took the old connector out, put a new one in,And problem sorted,So if you dont mind waiting a while, You should be Ok,Unfortunately I am stuck with them,Like you all the good deals, you need a BT phone line,If you are going to use your Norton 2006, You actually get a free upgrade to 2007. Which I understand is far better, + Plus part with NTL is I understand that they are going to do large up-grades on their speeds after the new year some time,So that will be worth looking forward to.For up-grade for Norton, click here

  BT 07:58 15 Nov 2006

I got my NTL broadband for £9.50 as a deal to upgrade from NTL Dial Up. Their explanation is that they are trying to get dial up customers to change to BB as the dial up uses up too much resources on their phone network. The Dial up now costs £14.50 a month so the BB is actually considerably cheaper - and faster.

Do you know something the rest of us don't? NTL answering their phone after 3 rings! The last time I called them it was 41 MINUTES until I spoke to someone. Thank goodness for the FREE 151 number having been re introduced.

  [email protected] 10:59 15 Nov 2006

who have now merged with NTL and use exactly the same technology.

The service I have received from them over the 4 years I've been with them has been first class. The only one problem I have ever had required me to phone the support team (open 24/7 and free if I remember correctly) who answered the phone immediately. After going through some trouble shooting steps over the phone and being unable to solve it, an engineer was sent out the next day to find the cable had actually been crushed under one of the cabinets in the room. This was repaired and we've never had a problem since.

I would never even consider ADSL now where cable is available. The simple fact is that the technology used by the cable companies is far superior to ADSL so they can offer speeds that aren't possible by the rest of the competition, and as Tim1964 mentions, there is no issue of contention ratios and distance from the exchange with cable. I have always received my full speed at ANY time of the day.

The AV they offer is an optional freebie. If you do not wish to use it you do not have to.

  Z1100 12:26 15 Nov 2006

...that I was a call centre manager before I (semi) retired. They must have my number on a 'red alert board' so I can get through instantly. That or they just love me.

Seriously though, they have always answered inside one minute and I find that remarkable for a response to home users. But I do know the some of my friends are driven mad by ‘Ring Times’ that exceed 3 mins.


  Southernboy 10:30 16 Nov 2006

I have only ever used AOL which tends to featherbed me. It occurs to me that, if I change, I will lose the built-in AOL Email program as well as my Address Book ans stored files.

What can I do about this?

  birdface 10:38 16 Nov 2006

You can save your address book+ Files to disc,And transfer them to your new e-mail provider.

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