ntl broadband

  joe95 16:04 17 Nov 2005

I have just been connected to NTL B/B Ihave zone alarm and AVG do I need their Netguard.
I am impressed with the speed I can now get all those long updates.
Thanks Joe

  Skyver 16:06 17 Nov 2005

No you don't need NetGuard, you're covered with what you have now as long as they're both up to date.

  pj123 16:48 17 Nov 2005

I am on NTL BB. I am running AVG and ZoneAlarm.

You might also like to download Adaware, click here

Spybot, click here

and Spywareblaster, click here

  jbp1982 16:50 17 Nov 2005

no haven't used it and been on ntl for yonks.

pj123 has you covered, although ms antispyware is good too.

  joe95 18:51 17 Nov 2005

Thanks everyone have got all the other tools you mentioned and all up to date

  GaT7 19:24 17 Nov 2005

What speed are you on Joe?

Many users have problems with NTL, but I've been on their 1Mb service (£9.99/month & 3Gb allowance) for the last 4-5 months & it has been very good service all through except for 2 small problems. One seemed to sort itself out in a few hours (they were going to send an engineer), & for the other I received good help from the ntl:hell forum click here. G

  joe95 21:13 17 Nov 2005

Hi Crossbow,
Iam on 1Mb same as you. no problems so far.
thanks for the tip.

  jbp1982 21:18 17 Nov 2005

I have changed my speed several times I've been on the 1meg, went to 3 meg and changed back to 2 meg. been with them more than a year now.

Never had problems with their internet service.

  g0nvs 21:23 17 Nov 2005

On 2meg here, never, ever,had any probs with NTL.

  joe95 21:29 17 Nov 2005

spoke too soon.trying to get updates from AVG get error message no dialing tone.????

  woodchip 22:30 17 Nov 2005

There is two NTL services, Do not mix them. NTL Cable. And What I am on NTL/BT line 1Mb Freedom service. No cap free local/National calls. Not cheap but it works

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