NTL Broadband

  coolteentom 22:23 30 Aug 2004

I use NTL 150k broadband on my laptop (I think the cable modem is a 'NTL:Home 200'. On the PC, I had set it up to work on there as well (by resetting the modem and changing the cables.)

However, I have recently had to re-install the broadband software, and when I get to a certain point, it says 'An error occurred while setting your network adapter to obtain its network settings automatically'.

I remember this happening when I first set it up, but I can;t remember how I fixed it.

Is there any way to fix this, or to perhaps configure the network settings manualy (e.g. would I be able to use the laptop settings.)

Thanks for any suggestions


  Eddie-280970 22:39 30 Aug 2004

Not guaranteeing an answer, more a few questiosn which may help clarify.

Have you tried ntl help. Slow to answwer loads of press button 1 for this and 2 for that. but I've found pretty good for this sort of problem.

How does cable modem connect Ethernet or USB?

Have you tried winicpfg to see what shows there against cable modem?

  coolteentom 22:55 30 Aug 2004


USB connection, yes I have tried winipcfg

I haven't tried NTL Support yet, but will probably have a go tommorrow.



  dez fowler 01:10 31 Aug 2004

Cable broadband providers usually record the physical address (MAC) of the network adapter you use to connect so it only works on one computer. This may be where the problem lies.

  coolteentom 10:14 31 Aug 2004


It worked on the computer before I reinstalled the software, so I think there must be a way...

I have been changing settings in the Networks folder in Control Panel, and now I am getting a new error message:

  coolteentom 10:29 31 Aug 2004

sorry, didn't finish off..

I have been changing settings in the Networks folder in Control Panel, and now I am getting a new error message: 'Broadband Installer was unable to renew the netowrk IP address for your computer.'

Also, now when I try to load Winipcfg, an error message comes up with Fattal Error - Cannot read IP Configuration

  Cyclone 20:48 31 Aug 2004

You do not need the NTL broadband software. When I changed my PC I contacted NTL support and they talked my through configuring it. Sorry I cannot remember how to do it.

  Valvegrid 21:41 31 Aug 2004

I know you can configure your settings manually, but I can't remember how, but I'm sure its on this site.

click here

  keith-236785 23:36 31 Aug 2004

are you following the instructions regarding NOT pluggiong the modem into the usb port until told to. also you do not need to install Correct Connect/ medic center or whatever the new name is.

correct connect used to keep dropping my connection and as such i dont use it anymore. you only need to install the Modem drivers.

run through the rest of the setup but answer NO to install the correct connect

if you are using a LAN card, try setting the card to half duplex.

make sure the network card is properly installed and working before trying to install NTL modem/connection

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