NTL & Belkin Wireless G

  theodor 12:47 08 Dec 2003

I am interested in buying Belkin equipment to set up a wireless G home network to share a broadband Internet connection between 2 Desktop PCs with the following setup:

PC No. 1 running Windows XP Home is connected to the NTL (ISP) set top box for broadband internet connection. I am thinking of buying a Belkin F5D7230uk4 802.11g Cable Gateway Router and connect it to this machine.

PC No. 2 running Windows 98 First edition. I am thinking of buying a Belkin F5D7000uk 802.11g Wireless Desktop Network Card.

Has anyone used Belkin equipment with NTL broadband?

  John-259217 13:54 08 Dec 2003

I`ve set up several using Belkin 802.11b routers connected to NTL`s Pace manufactured, Cable and Wireless branded STB.

All have worked fine so I would expect that `g` kit will as well.

I would suggest using the routers option to clone the MAC address of the currently connected PC which will make setting up the connection easier.

Try this link for lots of NTL setup help click here

One final word:- I have not tried the `g` kit but I have read that some people have experienced problems with range/signal-strength, you may want to do a search for threads on this or perhaps a post asking for comments from people who have used it before spending your money!


  theodor 14:16 08 Dec 2003

Is it likely that the range/signal-strength of `g` kit is less than `b` kit?

I hope that people who have experienced problems will post to this thread!

yes, I have the "NTL setup help link" you mentioned but at first glance, I thought it was a link to a useful NTL help link written by NTL!!

  John-259217 15:25 08 Dec 2003

click here for a previous thread on the subject of range.

As I still have not tried any `g` kit I`m a little reluctant to condemn it in any way, I prefer to comment only where I have direct experience. That said I thought it worth mentioning.

It would be nice to hear from people with or without problems as there are usually two sides to any story.

My thinking would be that there can`t be too many people having difficulties otherwise there would have been a flood of complaints - it`s been available for long enough for these to show up.

Useful NTL helplink written by NTL !? Useful help of any kind from NTL !!!!? That`ll be the day!!


  theodor 15:47 08 Dec 2003

I was going to buy Linksys equipment, m73john, as it is recomended by NTL but their Wireless G desktop network card isn't compatible with Windows98. So I am checking with Belkin before buying!

As far as range/signal-strength is conserned, the path will involve going through one stud wall, over a bath (large metal object) and then through a brick wall - total distance approx. 20ft (7M). The only thing is... desktop PCs are not so easy to carry around when looking for the best signal-strength unlike laptops!!

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