NTL BB software installation problem

  bramble1 21:48 01 Nov 2005

Hi. Am attempting to help a friend (remotely) install the NTL software (for use with a NTL settop) onto a laptop.

The software installs up to the point where it does a system check (after the Ethernet cable has been plugged in) when it then reports that ‘a faulty or non-functioning adapter card has been found – remove or disable it’.

However, the laptop says that the adapter is working OK – any ideas?

Also, there seems to be some comment in other postings that there is no need to install the NTL software – what is used instead?


  Splork 21:50 01 Nov 2005

You want to connect via the network connector? Or a USB connector? If the modem is going to be plugged in via USB then disable the built in Ethernet adaptor.

  wallbash 21:53 01 Nov 2005

Also, there seems to be some comment in other postings that there is no need to install the NTL software – what is used instead?

I posted recently that the Ntl software was only essential the first time you attempted to to instal NTL BB, ... after activation , with the 'new' password. even after formatting the H/D only the password was required .

So .. you need the NTL software only once!

  Strawballs 23:36 01 Nov 2005

Try going into device manager uninstalling the ethernet adapter then reboot and let windows detect it and install the drivers again and see if that works. Splork bramble1 stated that it is a ethernet adapter that he is trying to use and it is not a modem but a set top box.

  Splork 23:39 01 Nov 2005

Yes true, should have read more carefully :)

  woodchip 23:57 01 Nov 2005

If the Laptop as a Ethernet Connector and a Wireless card in the Slot then you will have to disable the built in Ethernet in Device Manager

  Strawballs 00:12 02 Nov 2005

Woodchip it is the ethernet connection that Bramble1 is trying to use

  octal 07:05 02 Nov 2005

I don't use Windows so I can't use their software anyway.
About a month ago I upgraded from 300KB to 1MB and I asked the guy if I had to re-register the connection, he informed me I did as it was classed as a new connection.

This was a concern because I'm using Linux and couldn't install the software. As it happened all I had to do was to open one of my browsers, in my case Opera, and the network card recognised I had a connection which took me straight into the registration site on NTL where I had to enter my original password, the one on the letter that NTL send you plus you PID (Personal Identification) the 10 digit number also on the letter.

After that it was just a case of switching off the computer and the set-top box, switching the set-top box on first until all the green lights appear, the re-booting the computer which picked up the Internet straight away.

Make sure the network card adaptor is set to automatically detect a network connection, if I remember this is ticked by default anyway, but its worth checking.

  keith-236785 07:37 02 Nov 2005

No software install is needed for NTL ethernet connection,simply plug in and it should all work, mine did. but i was already on via USB so im not sure about the initial sign up. (usb connection to NTL is a pain in the ****)

you may have to goto internet options and remove/disable any dialup accounts you have, then in the Lan Settings, select "automatically detect settings"

good luck

it really is suprisingly easy to connect via Lan

  bramble1 19:38 02 Nov 2005

Thanks for the various suggestions. The laptop has now been connected to the NTL settop using the USB port and it works OK - without the NTL s/w being installed.

So, many thanks for the help.

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