Ntl BB 1gb, 2gb, 3gb in new year

  radi8or 16:13 03 Nov 2004

Hi all,

has anybody else seen this, apologies if already posted

click here

Regards Bob

  joseph K 17:00 03 Nov 2004

That's great! As I'm sure you know they have already increased the service this year. I was on 150megs this was increased to 300megs, now we're going to get a gig for the same price. Good guys NTL - I like 'em anyway.

  cherria 17:34 03 Nov 2004

I couldn't believe it and I was right.

you have 150k which was increased to 300k. They are suggesting an upgrade to 1, 2 & 3 Mb

If it were Gb, I'd be amazed.

  PSF 17:38 03 Nov 2004

That offer looks good only problem your title is in Giga bites(gb) not Mega bites(mb). oops,LOL

If they did offer that speed for that price the whole country would join up!!!

I use the NTL 750K service which has improved greatly since the jump from 600-750K. There is no slowdown whilst downloading now. I look forward to the new speed. :-)

Keep on posting, ;-)
I think I have put bites instead of bytes or is it bits LOL easy mistake, I alaways get it the wrong way round...

  radi8or 18:01 03 Nov 2004


Is my face red, Go and stand in the corner until you learn the difference between MBs and GBs.

Still bet it got the adrenalin going

Regards Bob

  mobileman1953 18:17 03 Nov 2004

if you read the page all existing ntl broadband customers will stay on old speeds unless you pay a one off fee of £25

  hugh-265156 20:24 03 Nov 2004

yay! :-)

  Micklemass 20:43 03 Nov 2004

Also notice a limit of 5GB a month

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