NTL / AOL Dial Up Probs

  Lady Lara 21:18 24 Mar 2005

I have just repaired a friends PC (Ad Aware/ Virus Scan.. You know the stuff people know about and just don't update!!!)

Anyhow.... Up until sunday their Internet Dial-up connection was OK (a bit temperamental). they use NTL for the phone line (they had the TV package but cnacelled a few months ago. They use AOL as their ISP.

I tried tio cionnect at their house but it would not. I broght box to my house and connected first time (i use a BT line).

I rang NTL Customer Services who said you cannot connect to AOL via NTL. (Friend has been doing this for 2 years or so now) and that no known status faults in the Southampton area are present.

Any ideas why it will now not connect. All the AOL setings are fine as I connect down my BT line ok. Also i used my cables to see if the problem was a cable one.

Help please....

  Lady Lara 23:42 24 Mar 2005


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