garabaldi 17:41 27 May 2005

hello..i use NTL isp i have the telephone and a 1mb broadband connection which incidentely was just upgraded about two weeks ago. NTL now have a offer on for £30 per month which covers the 1mb broadband,digital tv and phone and in small print states "ONLY OPEN TO NEW CUSTOMERS". what can i do about this ?

  octal 17:48 27 May 2005

Nothing much, I don't think. It seems in this world once you're long established customer you're treated with contempt by a lot of companies. It reminds me of that bank advert on the telly were the bank clerk keeps saying "New customers only" to every request from the established customer.

  Andybear 17:50 27 May 2005

A lot of companies do this sort of thing to attract new customers, not just coms companies but banks, building societies, all sorts. It's a pain but there it is. You could always try ringing their customer service department and see what they say though.

  octal 17:51 27 May 2005

By the way, this should really be in Speakers corner.

  Pooke100 18:06 27 May 2005

Depends on your package choices.....

The 3 for thirty quid would be all the basics.

I have the basic tv, fone and 2 meg internet from them and the total = £38

Still good value!

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