nthell broadbandmedic

  Chris the Ancient 20:21 01 Jun 2004

Not so much of a problem as a point raised.

Browsing through the Junk magazine in my nthell bill today, I saw this thing on the back page about broadbandmedic.

Now I was very aware that their last 'diagnostic' program left a lot to be desired and it didn't last long on my machine, but the thought of a 'chat tool' for sorting problems out seemed a good idea.

So, dutifully, I loaded the "small program". It took ages! Then it had to check that my machine would do the job. Another few yawns while I waited.

Finally, all systems go! Let's REALLY load the program. A couple of good yawns and a mug of tea passed the time then.

At last, it's in and working!

Now, I start to use the term 'working' a little loosely here. It was awful to navigate, didn't tell me anything useful and was a waste of space (20Meg+) and time.

Then to add insult to injury, it trashed my system. Thank all the stars above that exist that I had, within the last 24 hours, made a Ghost of my system! Phew!

The problems MAY have been down to me using a router so me and Der Boss can be on line at the same time - but I'm not really sure that I can use that excuse.

Anyone else used it?

Anyone else had problems?

Anyone thinking twice?


  obbit 21:03 01 Jun 2004

thanks for the warning.

  Chris the Ancient 21:08 01 Jun 2004

You're welcome

  spikeychris 21:08 01 Jun 2004

Twice thrice and fourice?

  Chris the Ancient 21:10 01 Jun 2004

Interesting words. Not in my iespell!

Been at the beer vouchers?

  spikeychris 21:13 01 Jun 2004

Fourice is a good word..not my fault no ones invented it yet.

  VoG II 21:14 01 Jun 2004

I have heard stories that it was not very good but not as bad as you have experienced. Similarly with Blueyonder's Instant Support Tool. Oddly, daughter's laptop won't connect without the latter installed but not running :o(

  Chris the Ancient 21:19 01 Jun 2004

google shows that broadbandmedic is a website (not belonging to nthell) in its own right.


I wonder if nthell knew they'd done that!

  lpen1 22:24 01 Jun 2004

I must say I have it installed and its works fine for me.

  Chris the Ancient 23:31 01 Jun 2004

Sorry for delay in response. Large glass of chilled white and some food interrupted the important things in life.

I'm pleased to see a positive response about the program - shows I'm not too one-sided.

Will look again tomorrow at the thread. Bed and a hard day up and coming calls.

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