NTFS > XP ......FAT32 win98SE

  Magik™ 14:47 27 Mar 2003

Hi all..my laptop is xp>ntfs the desktop is win98fat32...when i had two PC's with win98 both with fat32 they were networked together wirelessly and ran has sweet as a nut...now these two PC's will not see each other i have tried on and off since october to network them, :-(

the question is : i read on here the other day that a NTFS pc will not see a fat32 pc, is that right? if it is then i will find a new hobby, and give the network bit a miss.....


  powerless 14:51 27 Mar 2003

NTFS will see FAT32.

It's FAT32 that will not see an NTFS.

You could reformat the laptops drive to FAT32 then you'll be networking ;-)

  AndySD 15:01 27 Mar 2003

Powerless is correct if the drives are in the same PC but its not your problem with the network.

I have had Win 200 and Win xp and 98 and a mac all at the same time on my network with no problems.

click here and have a look

  Magik™ 15:08 27 Mar 2003

thank you both for that, i will have a study of the link...and see what i can learn :-)

  Legolas 15:14 27 Mar 2003

I have an XP NTFS system networked to a Win98 Fat32 system and they see each other ok in both directions. If you have zone alarm on any of your systems it must be set at medium for the network to see each other and check that the firewall that comes with XP has been disabled if this is enabled this will also stop the network from working.

  Magik™ 15:37 27 Mar 2003

the difference between you and me is, you know what you are doing...zone alarm i took right out of both PC's...i have downloaded new software from the Linksys site more times than i care to remember, tried the making of a network disk, as per the instructions...i shall now go back in and see if i did disable XP's firewall.. after a while the brain cells dont know if they are coming or going....

dont live near chislehurst do you? :-))

  TechMad 17:06 27 Mar 2003

Share the folders. This will give you access over the network. You can do the same for the Hard Disk Drive, although not recommended for security reasons.

  Legolas 19:09 27 Mar 2003

Sorry Magik™ I am up in Bonnie Scotland but like you I have learned by trial and error and I know what you mean you can get yourself into a bit of a tangle and overlook the obvious ;-)

  Legolas 19:13 27 Mar 2003

Just another thought you don't need to make a network disc you can just insert your XP disc in your 98 machine and choose "perform additional tasks" then from this choose "setup home network" or words to that effect this will install and setup the network.

  Magik™ 21:08 27 Mar 2003

thanks for that, i shall try again in the morning.

i shall tick the box for now, then sort each part as i come to it, so you have not heard the last of it :-)

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