NTFS Video File size limit

  Audeal 12:25 16 Jan 2004

I have a Matrox Marvel G450 eTV Capture card running on my XP Pro.

My drives have been converted to NTFS from FAT 32 and I have been led to believe that using NTFS will eliminate the 2 gig file size problem associated with Fat 32. I have, however found that I still have a limit of 4 gig. When the file reaches the 4 gig limit a new file is automatically started and I end up with a 3 second gap in my recordings which can sometimes be difficult to edit out.

Can anyone Please tell me why I am still getting this filesize limit and how, if at all possible, can this limit be overcome.

Many thanks. Audeal.

  Chegs ® 12:38 16 Jan 2004

Its sounds like its the software your using is still sticking to the filesize limits.Try using another app or reinstalling the present software(hopefully this will make it realise its not restricted by filesystem)

  Worm of Doom 12:42 16 Jan 2004

If you are capturing in AVI format, the AVI 1.0 specification states that an AVI file may not exceed 4GB. As far as I know, the only way to overcome this is to use a capturing program that saves in AVI 2.0 or MPEG.

  Worm of Doom 12:45 16 Jan 2004

One program that will do this is VirtualDub (click here) - I haven't tried it myself but I hear it is quite good.

  Chegs ® 12:51 16 Jan 2004

I used MovieMaker/TempGenc/My DVD and several other apps to load the video from camera to pc,and have never yet had any probs with filesizes.I presently have 12Gb vids sitting on my hdd(SATA 120Gb)and XP Home has never baulked at these size .AVI files.So,it looks like its your software thats causing it.Try using MovieMaker to d/l from source to pc.

  Audeal 13:57 16 Jan 2004

It seem that one of the problems I am having is that the capture card uses Mpeg and not Avi. It uses the Matrox Tools for capturing and I have tried other software but most of them do not recognize my capture card and I can only capture by using Matrox Tools. I have re-installed the software on several occasions to no avail. Movie Maker 2 will not recognize my card nor will MoviePlus provided by Serif. Adobe Premier also gives me problems.

Worm of Doom : I will look into the VirtualDub and see if it helps but I do not think it will, worth a try though.

At present I capture from TV or VCR. I do own a Panasonic MS4 Super VHS camera and run the tape from the VCR and I do not own a digital video camera. I use SVHS with Svideo connections.

  Audeal 15:56 16 Jan 2004

I have now downloaded VirtualDub and run it. Although it does recognize my card and records in AVI format, the quality is not to good. I will have to tinker with the settings for a while to see if that helps.

If there are any other suggestions then I would be glad to hear them.

  Worm of Doom 16:04 16 Jan 2004

From reading this thread (click here) it seems that the 4GB limit is common to the capturing software provided with all Marvel G450 eTV cards, so at least there's nothing wrong with your system setup. If VirtualDub doesn't work, you could try posting your problem in the Matrox support forum (click here) and seeing if they can help you out with the Matrox software.

  Worm of Doom 16:05 16 Jan 2004

Sorry - didn't realise you had posted again!

  Audeal 16:25 16 Jan 2004

Worm of Doom : It had crossed my mind to check on there support forum for an answer but I thought I would try here first as the responses are so much quicker.

It seem you are right that this is a common problem with Matrox cards. I wounder why they have not done something about it some time ago. The more I get into this the more there seems to be involved in it. I will keep an eye on that Matrox thread to see if they do come up with a patch in the near future.

Thanks for you help. I will keep this thread open for a while longer to see if anyone else wishes to respond.

  Chegs ® 16:42 16 Jan 2004

I have tried two different TV cards(Pinnacle RAVE + Mercury)and both cards have their pro's and cons.Recording video from where-ever(camera/TV/video,etc)is the ONLY thing it can do,I have to watch the video during recording,neither card allows me to watch a different channel to the one its recording from.Both cards are fussy over audio,RAVE kept "forgetting" to record sound as well as pics,and Mercury records it but at such a low level I have to "normalise" the audio with another app.Mercury card(presently MY tv card)often crashes my XP(especially since I installed DX-9b)

In short,TV cards and their software are a last resort for getting video onto a pc,and a poor effort from the makers/software writers.

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