NTFS or Fat32 which.

  prince midas 14:46 26 Jan 2006

I have just purchased a new computor an Athlone 3500 - 64 bit.
I partioned the C drive using NTFS and my D drive as Fat32 to put on my Ghost backups.
Friends have said I could have made both partitions NTFS as you can see the files on both now. I was under the impression you needed to be on a Fat 32 system to read and restore individual files with Ghost. Am I wrong and have things moved on from 4 years ago.

  Thalmus 14:51 26 Jan 2006

Both your drives should be NTFS, there will be no problems using Ghosty on it. To convert you d: drive to NTFS click start > run and type "cmd", at the command prompt type.

convert d: /fs:NTFS

  prince midas 17:10 26 Jan 2006

Thanks for your response but as I have about 20 Gig of Ghost backups on a Fat32 drive am I doing any harm for the time being leaving it as it is.Also I notice on past reviews which I have just read that the cluster size on Fat32 is different to NTFS cluster size. Will this mean that if I restore from a Fat32 drive it will be different cluster size when it gets back to the NTFS partition or does this not matter on restore.

  Thalmus 18:46 26 Jan 2006

no, the cluster size will be the same as when you made the image

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