Jason Hobson 11:15 20 Jun 2003


I have recently upgraded most of the components of my pc apart from the HD. The HD is in NTFS format and i do not have, and cannot get, a WIN XP/2K disk.

So i had to go to my mates and steal his 1gig slave drive which is FAT32. I installed windows 98 onto it as its the only OS disk i have. This is not enough for me to do the things i like to do such as playing games. So i was wondering if it would be possible to format the NTFS drive back to FAT32 and how.

If i cant do that im gona have to find a way to get a WIN XP or 2k disk.

  Lú-tzé 11:27 20 Jun 2003

Something like PArtition magic should do it for you; install it on the slave and then use it to convert the master to FAT32.

The other option would be to get a win98 boot disk and fdisk the master - it will mean that you lose everything on it though and will have to start over again.

  keewee 11:29 20 Jun 2003

Hi Jason,

Windows 98 cannot use NTFS, and a win2k/xp disk will not allow you to convert from NTFS to fat32.
However, if you make a win98 boot disk, you can use it to format your original drive to FAT32

Does that help?

  AndySD 11:52 20 Jun 2003

It may be simpler to go to the Hard Disk manufacturers web site ....they should have a download to do a low level format of the disk.... then partition and format the disk to Fat32

  holly polly 21:39 22 Jun 2003

fdisk on win 98 wont work ,had same problem with my system-check recent postings ,used fdisk to delete non dos partitions ,and then created primary dos partition ,this resulted in my hardrive going from a 40 gig to a 4 gig ,forget the delpart tool also it dont work -it didnt for me -the only way i got round it and succeeded was to borrow a mates copy of maxiblast,this enabled me to do a low level format and then create a fat 32 partition across the width of the hardrive -wether i was doin things wrong i dunno but i couldnt ,no matter hard i tried get rid of the ntfs partition,if you can get hold or borrow a copy of maxiblast -use it -believe me it works ,then again if u can get hold of a copy let me know cos i would like one myself-anybody out there know?good luck-holly polly.

  beeuuem 22:16 22 Jun 2003

If you mean Maxblast3
click here

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