AubreyS 23:09 11 Jan 2003
  AubreyS 23:09 11 Jan 2003

I have a Maxtor USB 2.0 hard drive which has been formatted to NTFS. Can nyone please tell me haw to convert it to FAT32. All attempts that I've made have failed. Help!

  Simon_P 23:15 11 Jan 2003

I think you will have to re format in F32 as you want to convert backwards!

What is your O/S if you have NT/2000 or XP NTFS is better anyway.

NTFS is far more stable than F32 so why do you want to do this?

  malith 00:39 12 Jan 2003

Yes, If u want to convert it to fat32 just reformat hard disk by using windows 98 or millennium startup disc.

  CliffP 02:37 12 Jan 2003

type convert c: /fs:fat32 at a command prompt may work - I know it does from FAT32 to NTFS...

  AubreyS 09:54 12 Jan 2003

I have tried reformatting. This is a USB drive and I just get a message to say that it cannot convert NTFS. If I try to do it from boot up I can't see the drive as it's USB.

  MAJ 09:57 12 Jan 2003

Partition Magic, if you have it, will convert it back to FAT32 for you.

  1514 10:14 12 Jan 2003

You can do this by starting with a clean start from dos and using Fdisk; but the easy way is to do it with "Acronis OS 8" as it can see every partition and you can then choose your system either fat ntfs or whatever. You can use any OS on your computer as well including Linux. There was freebie on PC Answers not so long ago or you can download it from click here It's a cracker!

  1514 10:30 12 Jan 2003

As Beta says; if you still have XP on you computer then you should be able to R/click the partition and choose format and then choose FAT 32

  AubreyS 10:42 12 Jan 2003

I tried R/click and there is ONLY the option of NTFS none for FAT32.

  Psiman 11:13 12 Jan 2003

Once you have formatted any drive in Windows XP NTFS you have to drag it 'kicking and screaming' to get it back to FAT32. click here

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