NTFS and FAT32

  Craigmave 00:44 25 Sep 2003

I have my OP System on a NTFS HDD and my other HDD on FAT32 file system does it matter ? I am experiencing some slow opening of files like music files that are on the FAT32 HDD. Cheers for any feedback. Also the FAT32 drive has 10% of space left is this the cause ?

  pinka 01:35 25 Sep 2003

are they on the same ide ?

  Craigmave 02:01 25 Sep 2003

sorry fpr the long wait to reply, yes they are on the same ide.

  Chegs ® 02:08 25 Sep 2003

The hdd is quite full so defrag might speed-up things a bit.Its unlikely the difference in files systems is causing any slowdown(but I could be wrong)

  Craigmave 02:11 25 Sep 2003

i ran an analysis on C: and defragged but the other drive was ok. Still a bit slow, i think that the slowish responce lies in another department of my pc though. U know what i am quite pleased with myself as i kept on getting the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_Equal all the time and it really pi***d me off, but then i fitted a new psu 550w and it went away, but shhhh i dont want to wake it again. Ok i is off to bed, if anyone has anything to add then most greatfull. Bye.

  krypt1c 03:38 25 Sep 2003

Hi, This link gives shows the difference between nfts / fat32. click here
My own view is that unless you particularly need a fat32 HD go for ntfs

  pinka 04:46 25 Sep 2003

movr the 2nd hdd to the other ide as using both on the same will cause slow down when accessing both drives . and i agree with krypt1c i always use ntfs .

  Craigmave 10:17 25 Sep 2003

thanks for you advice.

  Mysticnas 10:50 25 Sep 2003

If i have CDRW, DVD, 120gb HDD & 40gb HDD is it best to have one optical drive and HDD on a cable as opposed to my current setup which i have both optical drives on one IDE and both HDD's on one IDE.

  Craigmave 11:04 25 Sep 2003

Yeah thats what my set up is both HDD os IDE1 and both cd drives on IDE2 then i have a third HDD on a PCI IDE slot. Which way is the best way ?

  pinka 11:08 25 Sep 2003

according to tests done by pcgamer the way i suggested . 1hdd 1optical to an ide

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