ntfs and fat 32

  caast©? 20:07 20 Aug 2003

I have formatted a new hard drive and installed XP Pro but I am having problems #

Can I reformat as Fat32? if so how do I go about it

  caast©? 20:23 20 Aug 2003


  Psiman 21:17 20 Aug 2003

The following assumes you know something about DOS

First get yourself a Win98SE or Win Millennium boot floppy from click here Boot Make sure it has fdisk.exe and format.exe files on it.

Second, backup any data files on your hard drive you require.

Use Fdisk and remove all existing partitions on your hard drive. Create new partitions as required, then use the format command to format each partition in FAT32.

Now start the loading sequence for Win XP using your CD rom and you will be asked if you want FAT32 or NTFS filing system. Select FAT32 and away you go.

That is a VERY abbreviated summary. If you require more detailed instructions post back.

  Qmar 21:18 20 Aug 2003

drive image can.

  DieSse 21:20 20 Aug 2003

But why do you think the problems are down to the filing system you chose. NTFS is a superior system, and it's unlikely tha any problems you are having are down to using it.

  Psiman 21:23 20 Aug 2003

Knew I had a link somewhere click here This explains how to fdisk and format step by step

  minter 23:09 20 Aug 2003

Don't know what make of HD you are using but I have Maxtors.

They do a program called Maxblast 3 you can download from click here

This is the easiest way I have found to partition and format my drives. It is simplicity itself to use and puts the HD back to the state it was in when it left the factory.

I have found it much simpler to use than fdisk, etc.

I would imagine that the other HD manufacturers produce something similar. So, if you have another make of HD have a look on their website, and you will most likely find a similar program.

Makes life a lot simpler!

  caast©? 18:58 22 Aug 2003

In getting back

Case of all work and no play just got in and back up at 4am Bank Holiday, never mind el trabajo es aburrido pero el sueldo es bueno. (the work is boring but pay is good)

I have managed to get back but let the CD format the disk as ntfs. I took a stick of memory out and now seems to behaving. Possibly a conflict there

Only time will tell, thank you all for help will mark up as resolved and get back should I require further assistance thanks M

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