NTFS to FAT????

  jack 11:53 17 Aug 2005

Having recently rebuilt my system to 64 bit I have 2 outstanding problems.
Because the rebuild, then needed a reformat , have not so far been able to reload XP Pro, and have therefore reverted to 98SE pro tem.
I have installed all the 98SE -USB patches and all the various USB bits work fine except for one thing
The External USB HDD.
An icon is in place but Windoze says there is no disk in the drive.
I has occured to me that the disk is formatted NTFS.
Would this then prevent Windoze98 'Seeing' it?
For the time being I have been carting the drive to my chums NTFS systerm and off loading files required onto ZIP disks.

  ACOLYTE 11:56 17 Aug 2005

Yep windows98 doesnt support NTFS so to see it it will have to be made Fat32.You need to FDISK it as a format alone wont shift it.

  dan11 12:05 17 Aug 2005

Or, when you have taken all your files off. Whip it back to your chums and disk management it.

You will need to remove the partition off it. Rebuild the drive into acceptable chunks ( so it will be fat32), this will depend on the size of the drive.

You will then have it, so 98 can see it.

Just an alternative to fdisk.;-)

  jack 17:43 17 Aug 2005

Thanx for that
As I hope when beer tokens are replenished to get my self another copy of XP, if the existing one still does not play ball- I shall continue going to my chums- He keeps a nice supply of Jamesons handy.

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