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NTFS external USB drive not readable

  jaytechie 17:21 08 May 2017


We have recently lost the data on an external drive to our PC, as the drive's contents no longer show in Windows Explorer.

I have a portable USB3 drive, formatted with NTFS. It is a Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive 1TB. The drive is no longer readable by Windows 10. When it went wrong the computer made a bizarre sound of a high-to-low groaning noise. Since then, this portable drive hasn't worked, but the actual computer (PC) is OK. Just that drive has gone bust.

I purchased the Discinternals NTFS recovery software, to try to remedy the problem. This utility extracts files from the USB drive. It HAS succeeded in bringing back lots of files (1000s, as the drive held 1-to-2 TB of data), which is good so far. However it will only let me extract the files, as it does not bring back the drive's folders. This means the files are not restored to the folders they were previously in i.e. the folder structure is still lost. So now we have literally 1000s of files with no way to know to which folder they would have belonged. The original filenames have also been lost, as this recovery software simply renumbers them.

Also, it seems that none of many .txt files hat were on the drive have been recovered. Is this to be expected with this software?

Is there a utility to get the original folder structure back - or at least some of it?

Is there a better type of software perhaps?

Thanks for your help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:09 08 May 2017

Try running

chkdsk /f/r

on the drive.

  Burn-it 21:35 08 May 2017


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