NTFS Error

  Tenacious Green 21:03 24 Mar 2006

Earlier this evening I got a NTFS corrupt error in the Event log which recomended running check disk which I subsequently did and evrything seems fine. During Check disk I got the following messages

Deleting Corrupt file record segment 11764

Deleting index entry jpgl400.dll in index $I30 of file 23851

Recovering orphaned file 'file name' (95751) into directory file 8175

Correct minor file name errors in file 9571

Do these mean anything to anyone and is there a way of establishing the cause of the Error? I take it check disk would have resolved the error as it came up clean after restart?

  Monument 21:26 24 Mar 2006

The error is relates to the way NTFS complies its directory structure. $I30 is one of the system files which administers the structure.

This is a system error and it has been recitified.

  Tenacious Green 21:42 24 Mar 2006

Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm glad someone has an understanding of NTFS and its structure cause its all flying miles above my head!.

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