NTFS and defrag

  SusieQ 11:57 24 Mar 2004

I have read that NTFS does not fragment files - it only reorganises them. Can anyone shed any light on this.

  anon1 12:17 24 Mar 2004

Spectacles on and have a good read click here
Hope that helps/interests you.

  jon2 15:04 24 Mar 2004

I have NTFS and defrag oftern

  anon1 15:51 24 Mar 2004

Yes Jon you may well defrag often but the question was not whether you can defrag but does it really defrag or simply move the files around.

  Gemma 16:57 24 Mar 2004

The piece by Dmitrey Mikhailov was better in the original Russian; the English translation is somewhat fragmented....

SusieQ: NTFS and FAT systems both fragment i.e. files are not stored in a contiguous way but are broken up into parts that fit into the spaces left by deleted files. After a time (much longer than most people think), the time taken to deal with heavily fragmented files becomes significant. So you defrag. i.e. shuffle files and empty space around so that your data files are contiguous and, if you take the option, your executables are near the logical centre of the drive.

  anon1 17:40 24 Mar 2004

Gemma, you have me there I do not understand a word of ressian so have to take your word for it. I was just offering a little help. You have answered the query perfectly.

  jon2 18:39 24 Mar 2004

I stand corrected

  SusieQ 02:24 29 Mar 2004

thank you for all your help

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