NTDLR is missing ?

  lazanda 14:07 19 Sep 2004

My girlfriend has been removing files from her PC in order to clean it up and now all she is getting from her Laptop is 'NTLDR is missing Press any key to restart'.

I figure that she has deleted something that she should'nt have and is now burried under the patio.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem ?

Thanks a lot,


  stalion 14:10 19 Sep 2004

info here click here

  stalion 14:11 19 Sep 2004

boot up disk info click here

  lazanda 14:24 19 Sep 2004

The laptop has no floppy disc (this file is too big anyway) so do I copy it to a CD then run it on the 'broken' machine ?

Thanks for your help here,


  stalion 14:26 19 Sep 2004

give it a try

  lazanda 14:29 19 Sep 2004

doesnt work. I loaded the file to a CD then started the PC with the disc in and it just comes up with the same thing.

Am I doing something wrong here ?

  stalion 14:33 19 Sep 2004

more info from microsoft
click here

  lazanda 14:56 19 Sep 2004

Tried a boot disc for win 95 and XP and it just doesnt want to know.

The laptop itself does not seem to see the cd rom, it just doesnt seem to do anything different.

I cant actually get the PC to see the cd.

Any other suggestions out there ?

Thanks again stalion.

  Graham ® 15:01 19 Sep 2004

Change the boot sequence in BIOS by pressing F1 whilst booting. Make the CD first boot device. Change it back once you've finished.

  pj123 15:21 19 Sep 2004

Try this. click here or this

click here

  lazanda 15:49 19 Sep 2004

Doesnt seem to work. I have changed the boot order to try and get it to go from cd but it doesnt change anything.(The boot disc is copied from floppy to cd.)

I tried it with XP boot (rather than 95) but that will only extract on to floppy discs but the broken laptop has no floppy.

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