landerond 13:11 01 Nov 2007

upon wiping hard drive ( previous systems unknown),message "ntdlr missing". fdisk "c" shows files yet in "c" dir/p shows no files (ie possibly no dos files)
how to get at files (NT?)please to wipe

  johndrew 13:48 01 Nov 2007

To really `wipe` a drive there are several options, but my preference is to use the manufacturers support software (eg WD DLG Diagnostics for Western Digital and SeaTools for Seagate/Maxtor) and `write` the drive with zeros. That way the drive is clean like new.

  exodus 17:57 01 Nov 2007

Hi, not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve. Any particular reason you wished to 'wipe' the drive?
A format is normally sufficient if you intend to keep the HDD/computer for your own use.

The 'NTDLR is missing' usually means a bootable drive can not be found. As you wiped the drive, that probably explains the reason.

If the previous operating system used the NTFS file format, then DOS commands will not show these files. The use of NTFSDOS will.

Is this drive a spare or do you intend to install an operating system on it?


  landerond 21:33 01 Nov 2007

Am confident you are on the right track, I wish to finish with a clean disc to be able to reload windows when I feel like it"Installation, loading, etc being a hobby"so its one of a few "spare drives," I have wiped in DOS have also deleted a NTFS partition,problem is as I see it no visible partition numbers or no drive letters to work with on fdisk (the only method I am familiar with) yet am sure there are files of one type or the other,how would I use "NTFSDOS"Thanks for effort

  skidzy 22:06 01 Nov 2007

If you really want to wipe this drive,try Killdisk click here

  exodus 00:48 02 Nov 2007

Hi, the NTFSDOS boot disk is similar to a normal DOS boot disk but its purpose is to give access to NTFS partitions that normal DOS would normally show as unrecognised.
Available here if interested. click here

As you wish to wipe the drive, then I see little purpose in using NTFSDOS.

Normally, using Fdisk and formatting should be sufficient for your purposes. A normal Windows boot disk floppy should be able to do this easily enough. Windows ME boot disc version is a good one to use.
Available from click here

When using FDisk, the hard drives appear as numbers not letters as in XP. For a Guide click here

If you still wish to wipe the drive then Killdisk as mentioned above or this one. click here

Read the instructions before use.


  landerond 21:58 08 Nov 2007

For those who have never experienced this one,
I loaded XP (fat32) on 3 old wiped hard drives using a compag 730Mhz intel, all no problems,upon installing the hard drives on compag 930Mhz intel( same type case) they would not load,message"ntldr files missing"

I installed the drives on a generic 550Mhz slot 1 and they all loaded no problem ???

thanks to repliers

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