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NTbackup fails to load properly

  climb45 09:11 12 May 2006

I have had NTbackup installed on my Windows XP Pro PC for some time and used it successfully. Now, suddenly, when I double-click the application, no window appears. If I look in Task Manager, "ntbackup.exe" appears in the Processes list and a very small blank window with Backup in the blue title bar appears, but nothing else. The only way to get rid of the window is to end the task in Task Manager.

I have tried reinstalling ntbackup.exe from the Windows CD, but this has no effect.

Any suggestions?

  recap 09:50 12 May 2006

Look for the NTbackup folder and delete everything that is IN the folder, reboot your system. Reinstall NTbackup software, hopefully this will cure the problem.

I think the reinstall is still looking at the old setup in the NTbackup folder and not overwriting with the new install?

  climb45 10:48 12 May 2006

Thanks recap. I deleted the contents of all the NTbackup folders in the Local Settings and reinstalled the software, but the problem persists. I even tried deleting the NTbackup folder itself, but still no luck.

  climb45 19:51 12 May 2006

I have more information: I tried running NTbackup in Safe Mode. An error message came up as follows:

"Removable Storage Not Running
The backup utility cannot connect to the Removable Storage Device. This service is required for the use of tape drives & other backup devices.
Please exit & start the Removable Storage service using the System Services function of the Management Console."

Clicking OK to this message then opens the application and I can access the program. However, when I log on normally (i.e. not in Safe Mode, the above error message does not appear on screen. If I try to manually start the Removable Storage service, it starts then stops immediately, with the message that this happens if the service has nothing to do.

I don't actually use removable media as I back up on a network drive.

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