Nsound Dell inspiron 1100 part 2 help

  ray27 08:52 29 Jan 2010

I am starting a new thread as the old one was getting a bit confused and I might be able to make myself a bit clearer on what the problem is.

I have an old Dell Inspiron 1100 with Windows XP Home and. 2 hard drives.

One is the original drive that came with the machine and is functioning satisfactory but as it is only about 30 gb in size it is a bit slow.

The other drive is much larger and came from another Dell inspiron 1100 but with Windows xp professional installed.

Everything works fine on this except there is no sound only the occasional beep.

I have all the drivers that are on the disk that came from both machines

All the drivers are in the correct order but the driver Sigma Tel c-major has a yellow! after it.

I have uninstalled the driver and installed it but it is always the same.

There is a box that pops up now and again that states “there is no device installed”

This must be a software problem as I said everything works ok with the other hard drive in.

I was going to ignore it and just change the drives over when I needed the sound but I think that that is just admitting defeat. Cheers Ray

  xania 13:12 29 Jan 2010

Can you please confirm. Are you using the old disc or the new as your Primary drive. If the later, then I would assume that ALL the drivers are those approrpiate to the previous PC/montherboard, and any problems you have on this PC can almost certainly be laid at that door. Is suggest you wipe everything off your new HHD and reinstall Windows.

NB Just because both HHDs came from the the same MODEL does not mean that these will both have the same type mobo and attachments. Also, if you don't have access to the PC that the larger HHD was on when that version of Windows was installed, then you are breaching the licence agreement if you try to use it on your PC at the same tiome that it is running on the original PC.

  cream. 13:26 29 Jan 2010

Have you considered cloning the old hard drives full installation over to the new faster hard drive. This should give you all the original settings on the new hard drive.

I was going to suggest this on the old thread but when I updated the thread you had closed it.

  ray27 13:56 29 Jan 2010

Thanks Cream that seems like a good idea but the problem is how do I do that ?

  cream. 20:35 29 Jan 2010

How to clone a laptop hard drive click here

Have you got acronis true image?

  ray27 11:48 30 Jan 2010

Thanks Cream no I don’t have that program

In answer to the point that Xania made the larger hard drive came from my sons friend Dell Inspiron 1100 the same as my sons.

They both got them at the same time and they are virtually the same except my son chose Windows XP home and a small hard drive and his friend chose Windows XP Professional and a larger hard drive.

I have inherited my son’s machine with all the relevant disks and his friends machine was sent to wherever old computers go when they are no longer wanted.

I have the Id code and the Windows XP Professional disks as well as the driver disks that came with it and I have been using these so I must assume they are correct.

If I hadn’t been given the newer hard drive I would have been quite satisfied with the old one,, as thanks to you Cream which is working quite satisfactory its just that I cant let a problem get the better of me and whilst I am trying to rectify it I am enjoying learning about computers

  ray27 17:54 06 Feb 2010

Thanks to many people on this site everything is now working ok I have aquired a v/good laptop and all it has cost me is £16 , extra memory £6 and £10 for a netgear pci card from a very gratefull silver surfer many thanks

  cream. 19:19 06 Feb 2010

and you have threads everywhere and the job done. ;-)

Glad you have it sorted. :-)

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