'Now searching for XP disc'.- Wher are yours?

  jack 09:39 03 Aug 2010

A closing comment in a recent post concerning a stalled machine.
I think every time I am called to one of my flock with a problem, and I ask for this disk or that, I may as well in most cases leave the owner to rummage and come back another day.
Although I drum it in 'Keep disks by the machine'- most folk it seems stuff System ,Restore and driver disks discs away somewhere 'Safe' so that even they cannot find them.

I now say well in advance 'Find all the disks' and on occasion even that comes up blank.

That and vital set up correspondence from ISP's as was the case yesterday- it could not be found - the owner wound up on a 0870 call to the subcontinent- to find out her Username, which it turned out not to be the E-mail address that I am familiar with but the land line telephone number to that BB connection.
So any one reading this now and not just 'Newby's either.
Go find those disks -- NOW!

  johndrew 10:05 03 Aug 2010

Keeping the original CD/DVDs handy can also cause problems as they get damaged. It is much better to copy (and mark/label) the subject disks and keep the copies handy with the originals in a safe (and remembered) place.

For 'handy' copies I find a cheap CD wallet the perfect answer.

  jack 10:25 03 Aug 2010

- It also shows that your are an expert user.
I have several Zip up wallets for different types of disk.
But that is us - You and Me and many other regular visitors to this place-
But out there are the others.
Those- like yesterdays - switch on their machine once a week to check her E-mails- Broad Band and Instant messaging are wasted here, and there are many like it.

  wiz-king 10:28 03 Aug 2010

I have a ammo box with all the original disks for my home computers and all the bumf for ones bought on the web. It even has my copy of OS2/warp and Lotus Smartsuite on floppies in it.
I store all my downloaded programs in one file on each PC and that is backed up one a week.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:42 03 Aug 2010

Recovery disk and driver disk for my old machine are in a DVD case tapped inside the side cover of said machine.

  Chris the Ancient 16:57 03 Aug 2010

I also keep all original discs safe.

I make sure that they are in a jewel case to avoid scratching. Then they are kept in a strong, safe box (A padlockable, steel Stanley tool box - not that I lock it). That makes a good place to keep my removable back up HDD when I'm away.

However, I do NOT keep that anywhere near the pc. If there were a fire or a really desperate burglar/thief, I still have my original software and files safely stored in a completely different location.

  johndrew 10:50 04 Aug 2010

Many thanks for the compliment,


I`m far from being an expert - I have simply learned from the experience of scrabbling around for a CD when I need it and listening to the experience/advice of others. I suppose a bit of common sense comes in there somewhere as well.

  jack 12:35 04 Aug 2010

The mere fact you are here means you are an expert in my eyes-
Not withstanding the number of times I have shown folk indeed set them up for PCA's forums- none avail themselves- they have not the computer mind - to so many it sits[in their mind] along side the washing machine, TV, Car, -
It is there to be used
To be be there at switch on - and if it does not perform---------- Call the fixer
I have spent some hours this week on such a machine which after 8 faithful years of use crashed with a Dr Watson bug.
The restore disk simply reformatted and re installed an 8 year old XP Home basic
No service packs nothing
And had the owner backed anything up?
Of course not.
8 years of Family History/Correspondence etc. gone.

  robin_x 13:00 04 Aug 2010

Not only do I keep important, irreplaceable discs in Jewel Cases in my desk drawer, where they still somehow get scratched.

I have made a few physical disc clones (XP Gold and Win 7 Originals)

And I keep images of them on my external USB HDD, so I can make new ones if necessary.

In spite of this I still spend hours sometimes searching the house for a missing one.

Last time my XP Gold went AWOL it turned up still in the drive of my defunct laptop, which I haven't used for 18 months, in the wardrobe.

A missing USB+microSD card that I took out of my jeans pocket and left on the kitchen shelf, before I went out, in case I lost it, turned up in the boot of the car. I am still baffled my how I manged that.

  Andsome 13:02 04 Aug 2010

Keep them in a bank vault, no one can pinch them then.

  johndrew 17:45 04 Aug 2010

Sounds as if you have a mischievous sprite around ;-)

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