Now the power is back- folk are saying the

  jack 07:32 23 Jul 2009

The broadband is acting up.
My chum in the next road phoned to say that since power is back his computer is acting up and he cant go on line.
Offered to go round to see him last evening.
Later he phoned to say not to bother because he found the several folk near by were having similar problems- and he discovered the reason we have power and the rest of the town and out lying businesses are still dark- a large trailer mounted generator had been parked in the road and connected to the substation nearby serving this community.
He wondered if the type of current supplied could be a cause?
Having told me that, my computer is fine and I guess we are equi distant from the generator

Are there different characteristics to AC current?

  mooly 07:44 23 Jul 2009

Several things come to mind, first if the PC was on at the time of any mains interuptions etc then it's quite possible to have suffered file corruption... run check disk and Sfc routines.
Anything electronic doesn't like disturbances to the power supply, so if anything is acting up the first thing to do is unplug it for a while and try again. If it still won't work then try a factory reset, you need to consult the documentation for the unit for that.
The problem with generators is that the mains quality may be "poor". I'm thinking more in terms of the "quality" of the AC waveform, the normal mains is sinusoidal with no harmonic content, and also short term fluctuations and "dips" in voltage.
It's an unknown quantity.

  Graphicool1 11:58 23 Jul 2009

I live on a farm, they are always having electricity problems. Dodgy wiring I recon. The lights are always dipping and flickering. That's why I run my PC through a 'Surge Protector'. Even after a thunderstorm, when all the electric clocks have to be reset, my PC just keeps going.

  wiz-king 12:43 23 Jul 2009

If you are on cable broadband the amplifiers in the cabs may not be getting power. If it comes via copper - the telephone wires - it could be the exchange equipment has gone off and has not yet been reset, the phone is on batteries but I done know if the LLU equipment has battery back-up. If you have a old style 'dial-up' modem try that.

  woodchip 12:47 23 Jul 2009

Power Surge from Genny could have blown is router. As he tried turning it off for a while the restart it.

  jack 14:12 23 Jul 2009

Thanks for that pointer - we are not on cable up here[they got as far a laying the trunking years ago and then went bust -this was some fiddle I think between what was then C&W and a contractor.
Other new build around us have cable- we seem to be a left off the cable map.
The LLU- could be a good one - he is [my mate that is]TalkTalk- so perhaps his nieghbours are too or one of its clones

My ISP is an EasyNet brand - therefore different LLU - perhaps maybe.

  jack 14:28 23 Jul 2009

though there may be
the odd outage of a minute or two here and there and may be one for 20 mins whilst the Grid balances.

I wonder where they found all those generators at such short notice- and the gangs of guys, what do they do when all is running to plan?
It is times such as these you realize what such an infrastructure exists to cope with problems- and presumably have to kept on and paid'
The personnel and kit cant be magiced up from thin air.

  Stuartli 14:50 23 Jul 2009

According to BBC News last night, the electricity company involved stated it was going to try and connect people again as soon as possible.

I would have thought that "going to try" was not quite the phrase customers would have been expecting...:-)

My sympathy for anyone caught up in power cuts - it's only when you lose such a service that you realise how much it is taken for granted in so many areas of our lives.

  peter99co 15:19 23 Jul 2009

It is all down to the rascals stealing (or trying to steal)the copper cables.

  jack 15:31 23 Jul 2009

other problems there were at least two call outs due to unsupervised candles.
If lighintg is a must then those packs of white LED lamps may give a good temporary local light.

On Monday I read by the light of my headband LED lamp- then went to bed by 9.30
On Tuesday Guinness and Jameson by LED Light was quite another experience- We may do it again- just for fun

  Sea Urchin 16:14 23 Jul 2009

I think you should transfer this thread into the Games forum :@)

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