Now I'm in Real Trouble

  Pesala 18:46 01 Jul 2004

I reinstalled Windows ME hoping to fix some problems - it's over a year since it did this, and I've installed/uninstalled lots of programs since - now RealOne player won't work. I uninstalled it OK but cannot reinstall it. I have two installation files and don't know which is the most recent:

RealOnePlayerV2Gold.exe and rp8-setup.exe (this is the one that won't install). I went to RealOne downloads and was offer RealOnePlayerGold, which I think I already have. Which one should I be trying to install for Windows ME?

  gudgulf 18:52 01 Jul 2004

Install the latest one available free from the Realwebsite.It's up to version 10 now.

  Diemmess 18:53 01 Jul 2004

Not familiar with Realone or ME, but back to basics -

Have you tried clearing out BOTH for a second try?

  Pesala 18:54 01 Jul 2004

I went to click here and was offered only RealOneGold, which I think is really old.

  Pesala 18:57 01 Jul 2004

RealOne10Gold.exe seems to be the latest free player. I'm downloading it now.

  PSF 18:57 01 Jul 2004

click here for Real Player 10

  Pesala 19:13 01 Jul 2004

Now up and running. No problems.

  Mikè 19:32 01 Jul 2004

Seeing this thread I thought I might update my version of Real Player.

Seems you have to enter your credit card details, just to download the trial version.

Think I'll stick with my existing Real Player.

  Mikè 19:34 01 Jul 2004

Just found the well hidden link to free version.

  Mikè 19:35 01 Jul 2004

Just found the well hidden link to free version.

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