now hear this!

  lodger 20:33 23 Jun 2010

XP was causing me huge problems with sound drivers, so what did i do? I downloaded Linux Mint for free, then burnt it to a cd for free, then installed it, HEY PRESTO, I HAVE FULL sound again !! ok ok calm down old timer....where was i? .......i also have XP still should i want it, Linux did it all, now i simply choose between between slow crappy expensive old error ridden insecure windows xp. and lighting fast ultra safe fast Linux Mint, with no need for for antivirus or firewall...... Mint shuts down in 1.2 seconds!.....xp shuts down sometime today ..............some contest!

  tullie 20:44 23 Jun 2010

With problems like that its not xp.

  Technotiger 20:47 23 Jun 2010

Sounds more like Spam to me!!

  VoG II 20:48 23 Jun 2010

So what is your question?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:02 23 Jun 2010

"with no need for for antivirus or firewall"

Not true, linux can be infiltrated just less likely due to the small user base in comparison to windows.

Any one that uses any operating system and does on line banking or purchasing needs protection.
Your back or credit card company will not be sympathetic when you tell them you have no protection of any kind.

  Sea Urchin 22:13 23 Jun 2010
  lodger 16:44 24 Jun 2010

sorry fellas, yes i got carried away with my Linux joy and did indeed sound like a preacher :).....yes i still have silent XP, it used to work well, then after re-installing from a disk, i simply couldnt find the correct drivers again..then AVG had errors, and so had ZA, what fun! i paid money for such annoyance?..MInt is free! works like a dream, much faster than XP, and it configured all drivers for me! Linux does it all, i simply click the mouse :) and after paying money for an OS, why on earth should i need to go searching for XP drivers anyway? now hear this.the reason YOU dont need to install antivirus or firewall is simply because Linux Mint supplies them for free, and updates them too for free...and it has a huge amount of free stuff, from office to music and games and video..and of course Linux by its very nature is not open to virus attack as Windows is and always will be ....

  lodger 16:53 24 Jun 2010

sorry again fellas, got carried away again and forgot to mention the real point of my piece, which is : thanks to Linux, it's now possible to have windows and mint side by side on you hd, and simply choose which one to use, and of course mint does it all for no charge!....some spam!.....:)..

  Ibanez2010 16:58 24 Jun 2010

...but Linux is crap. Too complicated and the software and hardware I want to use isn't available.

  Ibanez2010 17:01 24 Jun 2010

my quad core machine running Windows 7 runs perfectly fast enough for me thanks, and does what I want it to do with no hassle.

  ronalddonald 18:24 24 Jun 2010

Well done youve done great for downloading and using mint as its is faster and much much better than silly old xp, and no this is not Spam to the person who mentioned Spam as he or she must be a spammer,

ive been using mint for about three years now and its great, i still hold onto xp and i use duel boot, ive got xp on one harddrive and mint on another since i have documents saved on word

but Mint is Bloody Awesome than micro softie as it to soft n open to to many problems on a daily basis.

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