Now got a Nero problem

  Damarc 17:11 11 Dec 2008

We bought a usb turntable to change vinyl records to cds. The software is EZ mixmeister collaborating with Itunes. The first two records converted to itunes fine but I noticed that although it said in Itunes that I could burn from their software by clicking on the 'burn disk' at the bottom of the screen, there was no button there to do it. So I resorted to Nero7 for cd burning and it worked fine. Today I went to use Nero and the main dialogue box opens up but on clicking to Make Audio Cd, it minimises and sends an error report. Debugging doesn't help. Should I uninstall Nero and download from their site. I haven't got the disks but I do have a serial number? I can't get onto Itunes Store for help with their software either as it says I can't get connected. Should I uninstall and reinstall the software for that do you think. I don't know why this has suddenly happened. I feel that everything is going wrong with my techie stuff at the moment as though Virginmedia has put a deathwish on everything cos I left them and went to Sky!!

  lofty29 17:46 11 Dec 2008

Why not try audacity, free programme, works well I am using it at the moment to convert a load of old records to cd.
click here
Not sure about the Nero as I have never had that problem.

  lofty29 17:47 11 Dec 2008

Ps would a system restore help???

  Damarc 10:00 12 Dec 2008

I found that Norton wouldn't do liveupdate so panicked and uninstalled it to reinstall. In the meantime Avast antivirus found some malware in the memory and took me through the process of cleaning it out. As a result I thought that Noton wasn't that brilliant so decided to install Sunbelt which I had on this laptop. Wouldn't let me, said that Mcafee firewall was on the system. I got rid of Mcafee so I thought three years ago! So I did a regseeker andfound hidden Mcafee files all 48 of them and deleted them all. Now nothing works properly, I can't get onto internet, cd/dvd burner isn't recognised. My son says there's nothing for it but to backup stuff on pendrive as much as possible and reformat disk. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

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