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Now Firefox is up to..

  Stuartli 18:50 27 Apr 2009


click here

  Stuartli 18:56 27 Apr 2009

Just installed it - on the splash screen it comes up as 3.0.1 (missing 0?) and the download link on the page is for 3.0.9.

However, in About, it's listed as Version 3.0.10.

Similar web page details catching up to do as per last time?

  sunnystaines 19:25 27 Apr 2009


  TonyV 20:03 27 Apr 2009

Thanks for that. It now seems that they have cured the blue margins when loading PCA Site. That has to be better.


  TonyV 23:36 27 Apr 2009

It was fine on mine for a few times then when I restarted it it went back to the usual margin problem. I though it had been fixed!


  Stuartli 23:44 27 Apr 2009

I don't think that Mozilla would have specifically targeted PCA web pages for particular attention...:-)

  Pine Man 08:58 28 Apr 2009

I'm thoroughly confused. I downloaded what I thought was Firefox 3.0.10 and installed it but according to Windows Explorer I have installed Firefox 3.1 Beta3?

Prior to installing that I was offered an update to Firefox 3.5 Beta4 but now it is no longer offered.

  Andsome 09:09 28 Apr 2009

In IE to cure the blue margins go to Tools/Compatibility view. No need to use Fire fox.

  TonyV 09:49 28 Apr 2009

The "Blue Margins" appear on the left hand element of the page which has the links to Helproom, Speakers' Corner etc. It covers those elements until the page has fully loaded.


  Pine Man 09:54 28 Apr 2009

'No need to use Fire fox'

I beg to differ. There are ways of removing the blue margins in Firefox but even if there weren't Firefox, IMHO, is still a much better, quicker browser than IE8.

  Pine Man 10:36 28 Apr 2009

I was advised to use NoScript, which stops JavaScript on every site you visit unless you enable it, which is a long way round to just stop JavaScript on PCA.

I have now found YesScript which does exactly the opposite - you tell it on which sites you want JavaScript disabled and it's a simple as that and works a treat.

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