dublincity 18:20 06 Nov 2003

My sister and myself aim to share a project in which we will separately scan in thousands of A4 pages of hand-written notes. One aim will be to save the data on hard-drive and CD and exchange the CD?s between ourselves. We are both on Win XP and both novices.

We are confused by the different number of programs available for scanning.

My sister uses ScanSoft PaperPort Deluxe 9.0 but has found it non-user-friendly and has needed three stages (with each individual scan) to change the language into JPEG. Is it possible to do this more easily?

I haven?t yet lifted the lid of my new Canon Scanner ? nor of any scanner - but know that it uses a Scan Soft ? Omni Page system.

We understand that we need to use compatible systems with a ?language? commonly recognized by most PC's.

Preliminary advice will be appreciated. Many Thanks.

  [DELETED] 18:44 06 Nov 2003

I use Irfanview click here (free) with my Canon Scanner.

File menu, Select TWAIN Source, select your scanner

Then File menu, Aquire and the scanning begins.

There is a Batch Scanning mode too for doing multiple scans - set the options up once and away you go.

  [DELETED] 18:45 06 Nov 2003

If you just want a JPEG image of the files then use any grapgics package like PaintShop Pro and set the source as your scanne and scan using the 'acquire' option then just save in your required graphics format to your HD. Then copy to your CDR.

If you use Nero or Roxio for your CD writing you can use 'INCD' or 'Direct CD' to drag and drop yours files to your CDR.

Until you filalise these CDR's you will only be able to read them when 'INCD' or 'Direct CD' is running.

  [DELETED] 18:46 06 Nov 2003

grapgics should read Graphics

  [DELETED] 18:55 06 Nov 2003

Further to my bit.

Make sure "Close TWAIN Dialogue After Acquire" is unchecked in Properties, Misc 1

then select Batch Scanning, after the first scan the Scanner control panel will stay open. Change the sheet and hit "Scan" again.

  [DELETED] 18:55 06 Nov 2003

The scans will be saved where you specified.

  [DELETED] 19:31 06 Nov 2003

1. Batch scanning with Irfan view click here is likely to be the quickest method.

2. Since the notes are handwritten there is little point in trying to use OCR to convert them to text, so the pages must be saved as graphics, which means file size could be a problem even though CDs have plenty of space.

3. Experiment with saving one scan to make sure it is easily legible, but as small as possible. I suspect that you can scan at just 50 dpi and save in JPG format from Irfan View with a quality setting of between 50 and 70.

4. Decide on a naming convention for your files before you get too far into the project.

For more tips on using Irfan View click here

  dublincity 00:49 10 Nov 2003

Thanks to all for your help - dublincity

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