novice pc buyer

  carolann 13:37 18 Jan 2003
  carolann 13:37 18 Jan 2003

Having been given iMac pc by daughter 2years ago , decided now time to venture into buying a new pc that is more compatible so decided to try and get basic info from this site ,as all mags were most confusing, Was I wrong, it is all geared up to the pc wizz kids, and nothing for the silver surfers like myself , who have just discovered the joys of email im's and pc games , come on guys find more time for us , we could be your customers of tomorrow.

  powerless 13:43 18 Jan 2003

I'll be basic as possible...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:50 18 Jan 2003

a) how much do you want to spend?

b) what will the main uses be? (email, word processing, games)

c) are you restricted by the amount of space available?

d) have you reasonable eyesight with or without glasses/

e) do you want to choose and buy or order one to be delivered within 3 weeks or so?


  pj123 14:13 18 Jan 2003

Go to this site and choose SYSTEMS.
click here you can also ring them for advice.

  'Kinell 16:00 18 Jan 2003

Try here click here very very good, good systems, good prices, good service, Go to PC Systms page you can choose a system or tell them the spec you want for a free quote

  -pops- 16:14 18 Jan 2003

If I were you I would look around your own area to find a local builder. Get suggestions from him as to what you might need then come back here to get yeas or nays from us here.

The things asked by the Great Wizard GANDALF <|:-)> are important considerations so ensure that, if you go the local route, that your builder is aware of them.

Please note that a PC is a good deal different in use to the iMac you are familiar with.

Note also, quite a few of us here are, if not silver, definitely greying surfers.


  rickf 18:56 18 Jan 2003

Must be very serious about help as s/he has not come back.

  carolann 11:36 19 Jan 2003

apoligizies to all people that I did not respond to as did not know then how "room " worked my problem has now been resolved thanks guys

  -pops- 11:44 19 Jan 2003

Received by email:

"Hi thanks for advice have taken on board replies, was just a bit wary of shops just wanting to make a sale. Realize it is going to be a "bit" different to iMac but all the more use will be made of the "little grey cells" carolann"

My point about choosing a local builder: What I meant was someone with a small business who builds computers more of less to order. What I definitley did not mean was your local branch of a large computer supermarket or dealer.

Good luck with it!


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