Novice with networks, please help me file share!!

  alexgray104 22:57 17 Oct 2006

Hello All,

I hope you can help. I am new to wireless networks, having successfully used my laptop on desk for the last year with a modem, I took the plunge to wireless. The box said it was simple, so did the instructions, alas no :(. I have successfully setup the router so it runs on its own, a desktop in room1 and two laptops, in room2. They all connect to "G604T WIRELESS" (which i shall have to get round to changing!) and they can all connect to the internet fine, its just file sharing I can't do. I haven't a clue where to start. I have a Dell Latitude D600 running on XP MCE (SP2), a Compaq Evo N610c running XP Pro (SP1), and finally a Packard Bell iMedia (desktop) running XP MCE (SP2). I'll go through what I've already tried.

Clicking the "setup a wireless network" in control panel on either of the SP2 laptops brings up a handy wizard, although 2 drawbacks being I can't get the thing to work on the SP1 laptop and there isn't a USB slot in my router to plug the USB flash drive into.

Then I tried "setup a home or office network" as I noticed that option was on the SP1 laptop as well, alas, no, it would seem I need a cable job to do that.

I really dunno where I'm going wrong or what to do next. All I want is to setup a simple network of 3 computers which have a common "shared" folder and access to a printer which is permantly connected to the Packard Bell desktop.

Many Thanks in advance for your much appreciated help on this matter. :) :) :)

  alexgray104 22:59 17 Oct 2006

Oh, sorry, I was meant to put this in the networking forum. Apologies everyone...

  Stuartli 23:51 17 Oct 2006

It's all explained by keying in Share Printer in XP's Help and Support (as usual a comprehensive and well written Microsoft section common to all its programs and applications).

  woodchip 00:08 18 Oct 2006

This is how you do it, Easy way. Go into one of your XP computers, you need to have all Computers and printers etc turned on. Control Panel\Networking Wizard, Create a Floppy disc when it asks you, Hope you have a Floppy drive in all computers as you have to then use the floppy in each computer to set them up. You just double click the file on the floppy disc. After it as setup the networking bit, you have to go into Win Explorer or My computer right click on what you want to share the rest is self explanatory

  terryf 03:35 18 Oct 2006

For the future, click on an empty part of the desktop, press F1 key and type in the question like 'network file sharing' but remember that PCs are stupid and will only answer the right question so you may have to re-phrase your request for help

  zarobian 07:34 18 Oct 2006

You should have posted this to Networking forum where you will get expert advice. FE may transfer this for you.


  zarobian 07:37 18 Oct 2006

I am sorry somebody has already pointed out.

  alexgray104 17:07 18 Oct 2006

Thanks for your help everyone I will try your suggestions out. Only trouble is, I don't have a floppy drive in either of the laptops. Could I create the network floppy on the desktop then transfer all the files on to a USB drive for the laptops???


  sean-278262 17:20 18 Oct 2006

You can copy the file to a USB pen drive if you wish.

  alexgray104 17:37 18 Oct 2006

Thanks for the prompt reply Creature of the Nite, I am on the old packard bell desktop now, I will let you know how I get on...

  alexgray104 17:55 18 Oct 2006

It didn't work, this is what I did.

Run Network setup wizard on the desktop (with the only remaining floppy). It then copied a file called "netsetup" to a 3.5" floppy, which I promptly copied to my empty USB flash drive. I then plugged the flash drive into the Dell laptop and booted up "netstart" which brought up the same network setup wizard. I entered all the details, keeping the same workgroup as the other computer but changing the names. I then had a shared folder on each computer with a hand underneath it. I copied a document to the shared folder on the laptop from My Documents, and then went to see whether it was visible on the other computer, but nothing was there. Anyone know where I'm going wrong? Both these computers are SP2 Media Center Edition. They are both connected to a Wireless router downstairs (which isn't connected to any computer by cable) and I can easily get internet up on each of them, just not file sharing. The windows wireless network setup doesn't work because it asks me to plug my flash stick into all the computers and the router. Well, my router doesn't have a USB slot to plug it into and the SP1 laptop won't run this setup wizard. :(

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