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  mikel1878 11:21 27 Jun 2004

Hi, when i use internet explorer a toolbar has recently been added. its called fizzlebar and i dont know where it came from, and i dont want it. How can I get rid of it? Can anyone tell me how I can find what programs run on start up and how do I stop any that I dont want?. How do i enable java as my browser doesn't appear to use it. And finally, how do I activate the firewall in XP? I'm sure these questions have been asked before but I cant remember the answers.

  [email protected]® 11:23 27 Jun 2004

I think it is similar to mysearchbar which can be removed in add/remove programs.

  livewire 11:24 27 Jun 2004

For many you could run a forum search.

Firstly, Do a google search and install these programs:


Now open ad-aware and do a full system scan remove anything that it finds.

To determine what programs run at start-up use the following command which you can type in the run box.

Start>Run and type MSCONFIG

now go to the start-up tab and uncheck anything you want to be removed from the start-up process.

  mikel1878 11:26 27 Jun 2004

bluddy hell, you lot were quick off the mark. Thanx again

  mikel1878 11:32 27 Jun 2004

the fizzle bar can't be removed from Add/Remove programs as it doesn't show there. I ran msconfig but how do I know what can be unchecked? Will I do any damage if I uncheck any? There is updreg, qttask, realshed, rztymof, E_S101C2, mmtask, twoeih, BTTray, and Nerocheck which mean nothing to me. The others I can identify OK.

  Totally-braindead 11:40 27 Jun 2004

Have a look at click here this tells you what the things are and what you can safely disable, before you muck about with this though I suggest you do as livewire has suggested and install adaware and spyware guard run them, restart your computer and see what happens. They will probably solve your problem.

  VoG II 11:40 27 Jun 2004

click here and scroll down to How do I remove the toolbar

  mikel1878 11:56 27 Jun 2004

Thanx totally and VoG. I unchecked some boxes before your posts and when I restarted windows, I got a bollocking from the computer! It told me to recheck the boxes and click start up in normal mode or something. Everything is back as it was. Now I'm going to read the article that you posted and go from there. Still no advice about the firewall and java questions. Anybody know?

  VoG II 11:59 27 Jun 2004

Firewall - go into Help and Support, type firewall into the search box and click the green arrow.

To install Java click here

  Graham ® 12:08 27 Jun 2004

Sygate firewall is better than XPs. Free for personal use click here

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