Novell 3.12 Question

  HighTower 15:34 01 May 2003

I look after a network of several computers which connect to a Novell server (version 3.12). At the moment all 10 licence seats are full and I've been told that Novell no longer offer additional licences for 3.12.

Does anybody know if I would be able to purchase extra licences from anywhere and how I would set up the server? I'm afraid I don't really know a lot about Novell as I didn't set the system up all those years ago!


  eccomputers 23:06 01 May 2003

why dont you convince them to get up with the times and go for NT or something?
I'm sure that even if 3.12 isnt supported, Novell should sell you xtra licence keys. They are simple to install and come with full instructions. I remember using Novell way back in 1994 and Im sure the license keys came on a floppy disk.
Have you contacted Novell to ask?

  HighTower 12:18 03 May 2003

Hi, I'm kind of looking the same way as you - i.e. talking them into buying Windows 2000 server or something but I don't think they would go for the expense.

I went to the Novell website to try to find an email address or telephone number but couldn't find one - I think they prefer to deal through resellers. I'll have another look though.

Thanks again

  HighTower 12:19 03 May 2003

Just found one, didn't look very hard!

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