Novatris popup

  Bagsey 07:47 09 Jun 2005

Just recently I have been bugged by a popup from a French survey company called Novatris when ever I log into this forum. It does not happen with any other web site. Is this what is makeing this forum almost unbearably slow for me. Getting into the forum is fine and fast but trying to access a thread is like watching grass grow. So much so that I find that I am getting reluctant to logg on here. Has anyone one else got this problem. If so what can we do about it.

  maveric 08:09 09 Jun 2005

Have you run the usual spyware progs? spybot, adaware, ect

  Bagsey 08:44 09 Jun 2005

Yes. I have run Adaware and Spybot and they have found no Nasties.???

  GroupFC 09:04 09 Jun 2005

You are not alone!click here and click here

  961 09:10 09 Jun 2005

The problem is that as you move through the various threads you find that more and more of these pages open up.

Last night I eventually ended up with 4 copies of Novatris running underneath my pc advisor page

What is that doing to the servers?

  Bagsey 09:15 09 Jun 2005

Thanks for your links. I hadn't seen those threads. To me this is something that has just started in the last couple of days and is getting worse, in that it started with one popup when I logged onto this forum now it is happening every time I go from one thread to another. Iff this is PC Advisor doing this then I find it unacceptable that it is slowing down my connection to the forum so much as to make connecting here an unpleasent experience.

  mattyc_92 09:51 09 Jun 2005

I too and getting "pop-ups" from this website and I don't normally get them from this site... Luckily for me my pop-up blocker is blocking them so I don't know/care what the pop-ups are about.... ;)

  mattyc_92 09:52 09 Jun 2005

supposed to read "I too am getting...."

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