Novatech Minibook 7' computer Linux.

  Baskerville 22:42 06 Aug 2008

Hi All,

A friend of mine who is a teenager thinks that the Minibook 7' may be just what she wants, I said that I would ask on the forum as the operating system is Linux, is this operating system compatible with windows etc, does the forum think it would be a good purchase? she is not into gaming just things like Bebo, facebook browsing the web and email what do you think, the Minibook is on sale with Novatech for about £160, so it would seem to be a good buy and very portable for college work, I cannot for the life of me get a link to this..sorry,


  [email protected] 22:44 06 Aug 2008
  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:01 06 Aug 2008

What do you mean by 'compatible with Windows'? It's an alternative to windows.

It will be fine for the things you have mentioned.

  Baskerville 23:08 06 Aug 2008

Thanks for that, I'm on Vista here downstairs, but more used to XP upstairs, no probs with links on XP but I don't really like Vista.

You could answer this one: on XP if I right click on a web page it gives me the option to send page via email, on Vista it only allows me Google mail or Webmail.... and I don't have either.

Thanks Baskerville.

  Quiet Life 23:09 06 Aug 2008

The Asus EEC is better it has twice the storage and four times the memory snd has an Intel processor and costs very little more. click here
Have only played wiyh one in a shop but it semed very good and Linux was easy to use. A cut down Windows one also available at extra cost.

  woodchip 23:12 06 Aug 2008

Whats Vista or XP got to do with the Notebook?????

  Ashrich 23:21 06 Aug 2008

A bit off the original topic but what program do you use on the Vista machine , I just tried it and it sent the link to Thunderbird perfectly well , as for posting a link on this forum with Vista you do exactly the same as XP , highlight the URL , right click / copy / paste into the response box , shows as " click here " when posted . Back to the original post , the copies of Linux being used on a lot of these Netbooks are still rather unfinished and immature , sure they will allow browsing and email , but little else , especially with the tiny amount of storage on the Novatech example , As Quiet Life says , the Asus EEC is better suited purely for the better version of Linux and more storage .


  Baskerville 23:48 06 Aug 2008

Thanks to all of you,

Thing is teenagers want all for nowt as we say in Lancashire, my friend is to start college soon and has asked me to look into laptops or smaller so as to not carry heavy stuff at college, which is fine, I recommended Novatech laptops as they are proven decent deals, also pay nothing for 9 months which may be of importance to the parents.
If anyone out on the forum can get me a better deal I would appreciate it, laptop or smaller !
all things considered of course, ram, size of hard drive, graphics etc etc,

Thanks to you all,


  LastChip 11:56 07 Aug 2008

Novatech is a long established and well regarded company, so I have no reason to believe this computer is not perfectly acceptable.

However, the Asus Eee was the original and has been around longer. It has therefore rapidly built up a huge knowledge base from existing users worldwide. That alone, may be worth the extra premium.

The Novatech machine says it uses Linux, but does not clarify which distro it uses. What I mean by that is: Linux is essentially the heart (Kernel) of the operating system. All sorts of organisations produce distro's (distributions) that are essentially, a whole lot of software packages "welded" together to form a usable system. The Eee for example, is based on Xandros.

She will find however, whichever one she chooses, Linux is really easy to use and includes all the normal applications required for the computer to be operational from the start. In other words, you wont have to load any additional applications to use the machine productively.

While I rate the Eee highly, I should point out that the "hard drive" (solid state) is limited and if like most youngsters she thinks she's going to fill it with DVD's and so on - forget it! Go and buy a laptop.

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