Novatech laptops Elite Extreme

  [DELETED] 17:36 14 Jun 2012

has anybody had any experience off there build quality and reliability of Novatech laptops because im concidering buying a Elite Extreme 3720 [NNB-961

  [DELETED] 18:05 14 Jun 2012

I bought and received last Friday A Novatech NSpire 2450 on Monday I sent it back as I was not impressed with screens viewing angle and the colours were very washed out. Yours I see is a dam sight more expensive than my £360 but I must admit if I was spending nearly £1500 on a laptop I would be looking elsewhere even without my poor experience of the lower end.

Mind you it looks a good machine.

  Nontek 18:35 14 Jun 2012

I recently bought a Novatech NSpire 2450 (£660 with Win7 pre-installed) absolutely no bloatware - and I am extremely delighted with it and the service I received.

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