Notworking what a surprise!

  User-8E96A7DC-29F4-4E64-AAADAB70EE844734 11:27 31 Jan 2006

I'm using a Netgear 632 Modem/Router, although a single port router you can
connect 2 computers, one via Usb and the other via rj45 socket this works
fine, so I purchased 2 Fla85 Ethernet over powerline homeplug adapters so I
could connect second computer upstairs, having initially set up and worked
fine, I'm getting extremely slow internet speeds upstairs!

I can ping each computer and get average speeds of 1-5ms, fine! When I ping
router from upstairs
I ocassionally get lost packets although the powerpacket utility for the
homeplugs tell me I'm getting speeds between 10-20Mbps.

Both computers running zonealarm and setup fine,
router set to allow second computer too.

Any ideas?

  Forum Editor 12:27 31 Jan 2006

in the art of powerline networking - mainly because it's not that common in the field - so I'm not well-qualified to provide you with an answer. I can produce a theory however, which is that the 2.5mm conductors in mains power cables will have a considerably increased resistance, when compared to the conductors in ethernet cabling. This might well the the cause of the slow internet connection, although it might not - I'm no electrical engineer, either.

  keewaa 17:27 02 Feb 2006

Give DrTCP a try as it is known to fix speed problems by adjust the MTU & RWIN click here

Thanks for the replies guy's, problem now sorted,
simple! Took adapters out of trailing 6 way sockets and plugged straight into the wall socket, works perfect!

Should have been in LARGE lettering on the box


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